Staying in Wellington is cheap, although there are cheaper cities. The capital of New Zealand offers accommodation for all types of tastes and budgets. You will surely spend a night or two there during your New Zealand route because the ferry to the south island leaves from Wellington. So you don’t have to worry about finding something good, pretty and at a good price. We tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Wellington. Furthermore, we leave you 20 things to do in Wellington so you can enjoy the capital.

Our hotel in Wellington

During our stay in Wellington we stayed in Willis Wellington. It is a fairly central and well-priced hotel. The double room cost us about €80 per night. We recommend it for short stays

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1. Te Aro, the best area to stay in Wellington

This is where you will find more hotels throughout the city. Besides, you will be in the heart of Wellington. Finding a good deal at Te Aro is easy. If you stay here, you will be close to everything. You also have Wellington’s best restaurants, shops and attractions at your fingertips, such as the Tongarewa Museum. Incredible! Cuba Street is the most famous street in a vibrant and fun neighborhood.

Sleeping in Te Aro is not very expensive. Luckily there are many hotel options in the area, so you can find good prices and accommodations of all kinds. To give you a reference, we stayed there for just over €80. Without a doubt, we believe that it is the best area to stay in Wellington for sightseeing.

Our recommendations at Te Aro:

Te Aro is the best area to sleep in Wellington for…

✅ Choose from the wide variety of hotels, restaurants and shops
✅ Be in the center
❌ If you travel by car, make sure the hotel has parking

Wellington, from Mount Victoria

2. Sleep in Thorndon, the most practical area to cross the Cook Strait

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. And you can see that when you walk through the streets of Thorndon. This neighborhood, one of the most historic in Wellington, is home to the country’s government buildings and many embassies. So, you could say that it is the diplomatic area of ​​the city.

But the most important, there is the ferry terminal. So if you plan to go to the South Island, you should know that the boats leave from there. In that case, Thorndon is also one of the most convenient areas to stay in Wellington.

It is also a school zone and has a sports atmosphere. It is home to the Westpac Stadium, where the All Blacks play many matches throughout the year. Let’s see if you can hear the Haka from your hotel!

Regarding the price, it is a little more expensive than the previous one but it is also a great area where to stay in Wellington. Especially if you plan to go to the south island since the ferry leaves right next door. And comfort always pays off!

Do you want to have an internet connection in New Zealand? It was a lifesaver for us, especially when using Google Maps on the road. You can also stay in permanent contact with your loved ones by keeping your WhatsApp number, post photos on social networks and consult everything you need without searching for WiFi.

✅ We recommend you buy one SIM card with Holafly data. As simple as inserting the card into your mobile when you arrive in New Zealand and forget about extra charges.

Best accommodations in Thorndon:

Thorndon is the best area to sleep in Wellington because…

✅ It is very close to the ferry terminal
✅ It is a historic neighborhood with many places to explore
❌ Hotels are more expensive compared to other areas

3. Oriental Bay, if you want to rest by the sea

If you like the sea, you will surely want to rest near it. In particular, if If you travel to New Zealand in summer, we recommend staying near Oriental Bay beach. It’s a great idea! Although it is not one of the most beautiful in the country, it is good to cool off.

Yes indeed, Oriental Bay is one of the most exclusive areas of the city so almost all accommodation is quite expensive. So that you have a reference, there is not much offer and most hotel prices exceed €100. It is also a good area for sightseeing: ending a day of sightseeing by walking along the Waterfront to reach the hotel has to be a pleasure.

65 essential places to see in New Zealand

Good accommodations in Oriental Bay:

Oriental Bay is the best area to stay in Wellington if…

✅ Are you looking for an exclusive and quiet accommodation
✅ You want to have sea views from your accommodation
❌ Not ideal if you are looking for prices under $100 per night

Tips to save money

Carry a debit card to save yourself from poor exchange rates and fees at conventional banks. Tea We recommend using the Revolut card. Is free! We always We use it to travel and it represents a great saving.

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4. Mount Victoria, in search of tranquility

We close our list of the best areas to stay in Wellington with a very quiet one. We advise you to sleep in the Mount Victoria neighborhood. As its name indicates, it is located right at the foot of this famous mountain, which is home to the most popular viewpoint in Wellington. It is a residential area where you can breathe a lot of calm. It reminded us of San Francisco with its Victorian houses and steep streets.

There are not many accommodations, although those that do exist are not expensive either. Plus, you’ll be about 10 minutes from the city center. So we think it is one of the best areas to stay in Wellington.

Best accommodations in Mount Victoria:

Mount Victoria is the best area to sleep in Wellington because…

✅ It is a residential and super quiet area
✅ You are about 10 minutes walk from the city center
❌ There is little offer of accommodation

stay in Wellingtonstay in Wellington
San Francisco? The Mount Victoria neighborhood is one of the best areas to stay in Wellington


Below, we will answer a few questions as a summary. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the cheapest neighborhood to stay in Wellington?

If you are looking for a cheap accommodation in wellington The best thing will be to sleep where there is more hotel offer. This is the case of Te Aro, where there are all types of accommodation and you will find super varied prices. Fortunately, you will also be in the city center, close to restaurants, shops, etc. So it is an area that has many advantages.

What is the best area to stay in Wellington for families?

If you search a quiet place to stay in Wellington To spend with your family you can choose Mount Victoria. This is a residential neighborhood, quite quiet and with a cozy atmosphere. In addition, it is relatively close to the center, just a 10-minute walk.

What is the best area to stay in Wellington?

After knowing all the areas to stay in Wellington we chose two in particular. Te Aro, where we sleep, is a strategic area because you have everything at hand, even the best restaurants in Wellington are here. Furthermore, here there is a wide range of hotels, so you are sure to find one that fits your pocket. And if that was not enough, Te Aro is home to most of Wellington’s attractions. so you won’t have to walk or use the car to get to know the city.

On the other hand, Thorndon is also a convenient optionespecially if you plan to go to the South Island, for which you will have to go by ferry. The terminal is in the area and you will save transfer time by staying in Thorndon. Of course, we must admit that compared to Te Aro, This is a more expensive area.. Comfort and ease pay off!


On the following map you will see marked best areas and hotels to sleep in Wellingtonthe capital of New Zealand.


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