By: Vane Villalva
Day one

Yesterday I passed by your house, I sat in an anthill, and the ants almost missed the wrong hole. Bomb!

Arriving at the Mérida Airport, I was looking for my monitor, who told me that he was wearing a t-shirt that said Yucatán, there was no way it said I love NY, when I arrived I looked like a clown because there were already several people whose t-shirt said Yucatán Omg, he said “I’m handsome” so I could quickly identify him.

A monitor is like a dad who will take care of you the entire trip and you don’t have to worry if you don’t bring keys to enter your house because he solves it, basically someone who invites you to be useless without feeling bad.

Why are all airports at 8 degrees below zero? Did you see the Snow Society? I was Nandita Parrado.

When I went out to the street from the airport to get into the truck, I felt like I had entered a temazcal, I simply cried in Yucatec.

It was very warm (if you bring appropriate clothes, of course), which gives you a feeling of vacation, it even smells like a vacation, the smell of vacation exists and I am not willing to discuss it, but confirm.

Curiously, the first stop was not the hotel, we went directly to the first experience, approximately 1 hour and a half from the airport, it is located Yokdzonot, one of the more than 3,000 cenotes that exist in Yucatan, crazy, right?, although of those 3,000 only around 100 can be visited as tourists.

I changed, refreshed all the areas I needed hahaha, and we started eating in a palapa that is inside the cenote place; To drink I ordered chaya water with pineapple, spectacular 10/10, super refreshing; I tried the lime soup and the main course, my favorite food, the panuchos, I am highly critical of this dish, to be honest I give it 7 oinks and the quesoporte.

After resting the food, spread out on a chair, we headed to our first activity, zip lining, it was nice, the funniest thing was that one of my companions got stranded in the middle, but they were able to save him in 2 seconds and it took me longer putting on the harness to get to the other end, in fact the harness weighed more than me.

After that, we went down to the cenote, how beautiful! How calm, is the water cold? Yes, but with the Yucatan climate you are very grateful, even if at first it seems like you are getting a cramp and cringe.

We were very excited contemplating nothingness, with the peace that nature and the majesty of the cenote provides. I was about to enlighten myself, when a lady fell face-first into the cenote, but as I was at my most spiritual moment, I did not react, until a long time had passed and I laughed, I at my most schizophrenic moment.

Then we arrive at Hotel Art 57, located right in the center of Mérida, steps from everything; a hotel that is functional and correct if you just want to have somewhere to sleep, comfortable, clean, at a good price and with breakfast included, ideal if you are not on a high budget.

Do you want something to travel in tycoon? Stay because your pants are going to fall off later.

We continue

In the evening we went to dinner at Museum of Yucatecan Gastronomy and I ordered some shrimp, the old reliable chaya water with pineapple, and for dessert, a cheese ball flan, price quality 10, very nice and delicious place, a must stop.

Day two

After breakfast they took us to the Magic Town of Texas, 126km from Mérida, we went on an incredible tour at the Shocking Grottoes, AMÉ.

If you are claustrophobic, or feel nervous in confined spaces, skip to the next day.

We spent about two hours of pure travel, the more time passes, the deeper you go. If you want to do it, please wear comfortable shoes and clothes and a little water, not like me with my carebears tennis shoes that obviously took a belly, another thing is that obviously you are going to sweat a lot, you are going to get covered in dirt and grime, you are going to end without anyone wanting to give a cent for you, perfect for a first date with someone.

It is totally worth it to go down no matter how narrow it may seem, believe me, what you are going to see is worth the effort.

Pedro Damian was our wonderful guide, not the RBD producer, another Pedro Damian; he told us stories about the aluxes (Mayan goblins); I want you to know that regardless of whether you believe or not, you have to enter the caves with great respect and not take things that are not yours, well… and not only in the caves hahaha.

I could see some bone remains of some Mayan, pieces of clay, stalactites, stalagmites and everything that ends in itas.

All the bugs you can find there are blind, like Stevie Wonder, the only one who was not blind was Pedro Damian; I touched an albino centipede and I felt a lot of tickles. I hope I haven’t altered his reality, but hey, he finally doesn’t know who I am.

I took ”asterick” photos being the most explorative.

Pedro commented that the route we were doing was the quiet one, since there was another that lasted 7 hours and almost all the time it was dirt, I was attacked. You would do it?

It was a great experience that I would definitely repeat, it even made me want to have a coyotito in the caves.

When we left the caves they took us to the magical town of Peanut, 100km from the Southeast of Mérida, to a restaurant named the Prince of Tutul Xiu to try the traditional and emblematic POC CHUC, super delicious, with its sauce, ufff; By the way, there you can also find the route of the meliponarios (stingless melipona bees), which provide honey with many benefits. I bought a dropper of that honey, use my code #vanemelipona.

We ate well, Ricardo, the places to eat in Mérida are quite accessible, well served and delicious, then from there we prepared to return to the hotel.

Our dinner was at Apoala; I ate octopus, they gave us a delicious complimentary cocktail, and we ordered about 700 desserts, because although we were full, one has several stomachs, like cows.

We were outdoors, I loved the food, super delicious and filling quantities.

Welcome to day three

Who wants luxury?

I had the opportunity to be in Destiny Myself by AKEN SOUL, luxury glamping, what a spectacular place! Without words, do they have the owner’s number? I really like those.

Are you looking for an experience that is truly relaxing and truly luxurious? this is the place; It has access to wonderful cenotes, spa, pool, activities so you can do with your lover in a romantic way, meditation room, spa, this place has it all, food made from the products they have in their large garden, the best I tried it there, 10 out of 10 and it wouldn’t be enough.

We were able to see the sunset at the viewpoint with the immensity of nature, a spectacle truly, if you are looking for a place to get married, please do it in My Destiny and you invite me, yes?

After having my most millionaire moment we went to dinner at Pizza Neo, also in the center of Mérida, authentic Italian pizzas, the owner is Italian, why am I telling you this information? so that you won’t even think about asking for “catsun” or valentina sauce hahaha. Quite filling, thin-crust pizzas; I recommend the pistachio one, the place is very cute, at night with warm lights, you know.

Day four

How sad, I don’t want to leave, they already told me that Mérida is one of the safest places in Mexico, you live calmly and well, don’t tempt me, Satan.

Our last destination, Izamal, to do the ATV tour. The color yellow is the protagonist in this place, I had never driven a quad bike, this time I didn’t either haha, but I didn’t have the desire and I asked my instructor, Jorge the handsome, to take me back, we visited the archaeological zones , we saw little craft stores, we lived so much, we were ourselves during that journey, this is an impossible love 🙁 haha.

After that we went to eat It will changeI ordered for 25th consecutive time panuchos, habanero water with lime, very good and picosita.

Afterwards we went to Kinich to eat dessert; a Neapolitan flan, a coconut, mango and mamey ice cream. It was someone’s birthday and they sang the Yucatecan mañanitas, I was stunned when I realized that they are not the same as in Mexico City, in Yucatán they use a word to say that something is very tasty to You will know who you will say this compliment to.

Thank you all for the incredible attention to Jorge, my monitor, Poncho and all the people of Yucatán, who are not only lucky to belong to such a magical place, but also because the quality and humanity they have are of another level, I love you Yucatan.


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