The arrival of Heavenly Dear Legacy marks a milestone in the gastronomic scene, fusing the rich Mexican tradition with a contemporary and gourmet touch. Located inside the Hyatt Regency Insurgentes hotel, this establishment promises an exceptional culinary experience, where the five pillars of Mexico, Heaven, Earth, Coffee and Flavors are harmoniously intertwined.

With a menu proposed by the talented Mexican chef Gabriela Ruiz LugoCielito Querido Legado offers a variety of dishes that delight the senses from breakfast to dinner.

During our morning visit, we immerse ourselves in a feast of authentic and comforting flavors, because there is nothing better than starting the day with a smile and a happy stomach.

Las Mole Poblano Enchiladas ($220), stuffed with chicken with tomato sauce, bathed in an exquisite poblano mole sauce and garnished with cream, cheese and pickled onions, were a true delight for the palate. Its combination of fresh and tasty ingredients transported us to the most authentic corners of Mexican gastronomy.

The Drowned Brisket Pancake ($140), with guajillo red sauce, pickled red onion, and kimchi, offered an explosion of bold, comforting flavors. Each bite was a unique sensory experience, with the perfect mix of textures and aromas that left us wanting more.

And what to say about the Flour Gorditas Stuffed with Cheese ($120), with a variety of smoked cheeses, quesillo and double cream, accompanied by pickled onions. Its soft dough and creamy filling conquered us from the first bite, offering an irresistible combination of flavors, don’t forget to try the sauces!

To finish with something sweet, we tried the blackberry and apricot twists ($55) with cheese from the bakery, which perfectly complemented our Americano and cappuccino coffees. Each bite was an explosion of sweetness and freshness, elevating our dining experience to new heights.

Cielito Querido Legado not only offers a feast for the palate, but also a sensory journey through the rich culinary diversity of Mexico.

Where: Av. Insurgentes Sur 724, Col del Valle Nte, Benito Juárez, 03103 Mexico City, CDMX

Cost: $$


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