Followers of the unforgettable Cantinflas are about to have a new must-see destination on their cultural itinerary: the Mario Moreno Cantinflas Museum, which will open its doors this year to immerse visitors in the life and work of the iconic Mexican actor and comedian.

Inspired by Cantinflas’ famous phrase, “I think I died, did I want to see if there is a little place for me?”, from the film “On a Day with the Devil” (1945), the museum stands as a tribute to his legacy, offering a unique experience to learn more about the person behind the character.

The Museum’s main objective will be to preserve and publicize the historical memory of Mario Moreno, highlighting his commitment to shared happiness and his impact on Mexican comedy cinema. The permanent exhibition “There is the detail” will have more than 777 pieces and personal objects that will reveal unknown facets of his life and career.

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One of the most notable features of the Museum will be its ability to bring Cantinflas to life through the space itself. With a defined personality and a voice of its own, the museum will become the character itself, guiding visitors through visual and emotional narratives that will reveal his worldview as an artist and human being.

In addition to being an exhibition space, the Mario Moreno Cantinflas Museum will position itself as a multidisciplinary cultural center, offering a wide range of activities, workshops and immersive experiences for all audiences.

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Although the exact opening date has not yet been announced, the Mexico City museum is expected to cause a real sensation on social media and attract visitors from around the world to discover the life and work of this legendary Mexican icon.


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