Staying in Cairo with views of the Pyramids of Giza is a unique experience. But is it really the most convenient option? Cairo is the capital of Egypt and, probably, your gateway to the African country. Everyone sleeps at least one night in the capital to see the Pyramids before continuing their journey. route through Egypt. Although we slept three nights! In the following article we tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Cairo so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Our hotel in Cairo

During our stay in Cairo we stayed at the Khan Duidar Inn. A budget hotel, with good breakfast and incredible views of the Pyramids of Giza from the terrace. Super recommended!

On another occasion, we also slept in Elite Pyramids Boutique. The view of the Pyramids of Giza is incredible, even from your room. They are super close!


1. Giza, the best area to stay in Cairo if you want a hotel with views of the Pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza are the main attraction of Cairo (and Egypt). However, you should know that they are located about 20 kilometers west of the African capital, in the city of Giza.

Obviously, our goal was to be close to the Pyramids and be able to sleep in a hotel with views of these wonders. So our choice was easy! If you sleep in the center of Cairo, you will hardly be able to see them from your room. So If you want to sleep in a hotel with views of the pyramids, Giza is the best area to stay in Cairo. We couldn’t have chosen better!

It is very common for tourists to choose Giza as a base for several reasons, especially families: you will be close to the Pyramids, there is not so much hustle and bustle and you will be able to visit the essentials of the center of Cairo in one day. Since we wanted to visit the Pyramids at opening time, we didn’t have to get up so early, since our hotel was literally next door. If you sleep in Cairo, keep in mind that you will have to spend at least 40 minutes in the car.

Furthermore, another positive aspect of sleeping in Giza is that you will find hotels for all budgets. Even with views of the Pyramids! Staying in Cairo near the Pyramids is cheaper than staying in the center, so it will also allow you to save. And have a unique view!

If you’re worried about budget, don’t choose a room with a view of the Pyramids. Most hotels have very cool rooftops with views, where you can spend a lot of time; having breakfast, having a drink… and the rooms without views are much cheaper.

Definitely, The special thing about Cairo is the Pyramids, so we believe it is the most recommended area to stay in Cairo. Of course, the only thing we didn’t like was that to get to Giza by Uber from Cairo they wanted to charge us more than what it said on the app several times. Always make sure you choose the card payment option and never agree to give more cash than what is indicated on the application.

The best hotels with views of the Giza pyramids:

Giza is the best area to stay in Cairo for…

✅ Sleep in a hotel with views of the Pyramids
✅ Quieter area, good for families and hotels for all budgets
❌ Arriving by Uber from Cairo is stressful because many want to scam you

The view from Khan Duidar Inn

2. Downtown Cairo (Tahrir Square), the most comfortable area to sleep in Cairo

If you prefer sleep in the center of Cairo, doing it around Tahrir Square is the best option. This public square, the largest in Cairo, is the heart of the Egyptian capital. If you don’t mind sleeping in a hotel without a view of the Pyramids and you plan to visit them in one day, it is the most comfortable option to stay in Cairo.

The main advantage of sleeping in Downtown is that you will be close to everything. At one end of Tahrir Square is the Egyptian Museum, the most important in the world in collections on Ancient Egypt. It’s amazing! Furthermore, you will also be near the Abdin Palace and you will have access to lots of restaurantsamong them, the famous Koshary Abu Tarek. The Islamic part of Cairo will not be far away either.

However, you should know that It is not a particularly economical area to sleep in Cairo. Most of the hotels in this area are four stars and up, so if your budget is tight, it is not the most suitable area.

Another negative aspect is traffic jams. Downtown is the busiest area of ​​the city and, if you want to get around by Uber, during rush hours you will waste a lot of time. Of course, you can always travel by metro, since you will have access to several stops. Although honestly, for tourist purposes the metro is not much use!

Like Giza, it is a very safe area to stay in Cairo. Being the heart of the city, there is a lot of surveillance. In short, if you prioritize location, there is no better area.

Good accommodations in Downtown Cairo:

Downtown Cairo is the best area to stay in Cairo if…

✅ You prioritize being close to everything and don’t mind visiting the Pyramids in one day
✅ You are looking for a large hotel near the Nile River and several restaurants
❌ It is a very expensive area and there are many traffic jams at peak times

stay in Cairostay in Cairo
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, in Downtown Cairo

3. Garden City, a very quiet and safe area to stay in Cairo

If sleeping in Downtown Cairo doesn’t convince you, you can look in this quiet area located south of Tahrir Square. It is an area full of embassies, making it a very safe area to stay in Cairo. Despite being a small area, there are a decent number of hotels, especially luxury ones. In fact, there are even more modern and luxurious hotels in Garden City than around Tahrir Square. And most of them with views of the Nile!

Apart from being an embassy area, it is also a residential neighborhood, although high class. In some buildings it is normal to see how some floors have been converted into small hotels. And quite economical! Although at night it is a super quiet area, You will also find a wide variety of good restaurants. Although it is not a completely economical area!

However, what we liked most is that it is a much quieter area than Downtown Cairo and you will only be a short walk away. Definitely, one of the smartest areas to stay in Cairo.

Our recommendations in Garden City:

Garden City is the best area to stay in Cairo for…

✅ Sleep in a luxury hotel a few steps from the center
✅ Stay in one of the quietest and safest areas of Cairo
❌ It is not a particularly cheap area, although there are some economical options

4. Zamalek, one of the best areas to sleep in Cairo to go out and party

On the island of Gezira, in the middle of the Nile, you can sleep in one of the fashionable neighborhoods of the Egyptian capital.

The neighborhood stands out for its interesting artistic and cultural scene. You’ll find several art galleries, including the Museum of Islamic Art and the Cairo Opera House. However, what attracts many tourists is its night scene. It is one of the best areas to party in Cairo! You won’t be short of bars, clubs and other venues where you can go out dancing.

Another thing we like is that it is a quite picturesque place. Being on an island, you will have incredible views of the Nile and Cairo, especially from the Corniche. And no less important, apart from a lot of places to party, there are also There is a fairly important commercial and restaurant offer. So you won’t be bored!

Regarding hotelsthree and four star options predominate. In general it is an area with a very good quality-price ratio. The downside is that none of Cairo’s main attractions are on the same island, although you will be relatively close to Tahrir Square and its attractions.

Our recommendations in Zamalek:

Zamalek is the best area to stay in Cairo for…

✅ Young travelers who want to enjoy Cairo’s nightlife
✅ If you are looking for a three or four star hotel at a reasonable price and with many restaurants
❌ There are no tourist attractions in the area

5. Al Manial

And finally, to finish this post about the best areas and hotels to stay in CairoWe couldn’t forget to mention To Manial. This interesting neighborhood is also located on an island in the Nile, south of Garden City. It is a strategic area to stay in Cairo, since it is located halfway between the center and the Pyramids of Giza. That’s why it’s touristy!

Besides, Very close by you can also visit the Coptic Quarter of Cairo and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. But without going any further, in the same neighborhood you will have the opportunity to visit the Manial Palace and Museum, one of the main attractions of Cairo.

Another positive aspect is that there are quite cheap accommodation options, being one of the best areas to stay in Cairo if you don’t have much of a budget. There are no big hotels, but simple but cheap accommodation, as well as many restaurants, both local and international.

Definitely, a strategic option with correct prices and a wide variety of restaurants.

Best hotels in Al Manial:

Al Manial is the best area to stay in Cairo if…

✅ You are looking for affordable accommodation in a strategic area
✅ Decent gastronomic and commercial scene with some tourist attractions
❌ It has no nightlife and no access to the subway


Below we will briefly answer a few questions as a summary to try to resolve any questions quickly.

What is the most recommended area to stay in Cairo?

We stayed with Giza. Being able to sleep with views of the Pyramids is a unique experienceplus you will find cheaper hotels than in the center.

If sleeping with a view of the Pyramids is not a priority, we would stay with Garden City before Downtown Cairo. Better hotels and quieter!

What is the cheapest area to stay in Cairo?

Staying in Cairo is not expensive, although if you want to save we recommend sleeping in Al Manial. It is a strategic area, halfway between Giza and the center.

What is the best area to stay in Cairo for partying?

If you want to party in Cairo, We recommend you sleep in Zamalek. You will find quite a variety of bars and clubs where you can liven up your night. Definitely, the best area to stay in Cairo to party.

What is the best area to stay in Cairo for families?

Giza and Garden City are the best areas to stay in Cairo for families. Both offer a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with little hustle and bustle. In both there are large hotels designed for those traveling with the little ones.

Best area to stay in Cairo for special stays or honeymoons?

Guiza. It is the most special area of ​​the city, also You will find some luxury hotels with views of the Pyramids.


Below, we share a map with the Location of areas and hotels to stay in Cairowhich we mentioned above.


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