In the northern hemisphere the winter season is at its peak and with it the holidays and parties, so many of us take the opportunity to go on a trip to a destination where we can enjoy the cold.

So on this occasion we want to share some tips so that you can pack your suitcase intelligently and fully enjoy your winter adventure.

Personal articles

Even if it is not a beach trip, it is important to continue taking care of our skin, so sunscreen should not be missing since solar radiation is reflected in the snow and can be harmful to us.

In addition, it is important to carry a cream to keep the skin hydrated and a lip balm to keep them moisturized.

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Wearing sunglasses with sun protection is also very important, because as mentioned above, the reflection of the sun’s rays on the snow can be harmful to the eyes.

It is also good to use mild shampoo and conditioner to avoid damaging your hair in extreme weather conditions.

Warm clothing

Warm clothing is essential on a winter trip, and remember that the key to not getting cold is to choose your clothing wisely, the important thing is to dress in layers, so you will need:

Thermal underwear, clothing such as pants, pullovers and sweaters with fleece lining that help keep them warm, gloves, hats, scarves; Waterproof, windproof and breathable clothing to stay dry and avoid humidity.

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Appropriate footwear

Keeping your feet warm and dry is also essential, so it is very important to wear waterproof, cold-resistant boots or shoes.

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If you will be in a place with a lot of snow, it is important to use crampons or boots with non-slip soles to walk on snowy or icy surfaces.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers are very useful in cold environments, especially for those who suffer from cold hands, because when exposed to low temperatures, they get cold frequently and the numbness is very uncomfortable, since we cannot move our fingers well or do our activities well. .

Hand warmers are small bags that, when removed from their packaging, are activated by air and heat up. You can rub them on your hands or put them in your gloves to stay warm.

waterproof bags

Carrying waterproof bags is essential, especially for packing your items, as it will protect them from snow and humidity.

You can also check that your backpacks and suitcases are waterproof.

Snacks and energy drinks

It is very important that they carry food and energy drinks to stay active and well fed during their journeys, especially if they do outdoor activities.

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You can bring an energy bar to provide you with a few calories and warm your body.

Protection for gadgets

Gadgets have become essential on our trips, so it is very important to take care of them if you travel in cold weather.

For example, consider bringing a case to protect your devices from snow and moisture.


This point applies to any type of trip, but it is worth reminding you to bring the necessary documents, such as a passport, insurance, some other identification, and if you receive any special treatment, bring the document that indicates it. Also have your emergency contacts on hand.

Outdoor equipment

Many winter trips involve outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snow walking, snow biking, among others.

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For this, it is very important that they take into account the equipment they will need to do them, such as skiing or snowboarding equipment, special clothing such as gloves and hats for water and wind-resistant snow sports, sunglasses, etc.

If you will be doing winter sports, it is very likely that you will be able to rent the equipment in the place you will visit.

Safety item

This point is linked to the part of outdoor activities, if you will do them, add to your travel kit, a flashlight and additional batteries and a thermal blanket in case an emergency arises.

Taking the above points into account, you are ready to enjoy your winter adventures. And remember to research very well what the climate of the place you will visit will be like during your stay so that you are well prepared and fully enjoy it.

And if you have more recommendations, share them in the comments.


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