The Magda restaurant, located in San Ángel, in Mexico City, has a new menu so that Fudis around the World can live an incredible experience that integrates the traditional flavors of Mexican cuisine.

For a few weeks now you can enjoy new dishes that are the creation of chef Rodrigo Morales Álvarez, who with his extensive experience in the world of gastronomy gives them a fresh touch without leaving aside the traditional. Chef Rodrigo Morales is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and flavors that are fused with typical Mexican ingredients and dishes, using proteins such as fish and cuts of meat, as well as green leaves and sprouts to give them a unique flavor.

In addition, you can try some incredible cocktails by mixologist Javier Correa, which make an incredible match with the dishes.

Magda also stands out for being a place that mixes gastronomy with art and design, because in addition to offering a culinary experience, its design is spectacular, which is in charge of Ricardo Casas, and you will also find works by the artist Aldo Chaparro.

Magda is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is ideal for families, couples or friends, and it is also pet friendly. On Thursdays you will enjoy live music, on Fridays you will be delighted with a DJ and on Saturdays and Sundays the experience is enlivened by a musical group.

Below we present some of the new features that you will find on the menu.

Cured golden trout toast


Grilled octopus

Montañez sticky rice


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