When estimating the expenses of a trip, it is necessary that we take into account a very important and very influential factor in the rates of tourist services: the season in which we travel, that is, the dates of our trip. There are several factors that influence seasonal vacations.

Many times it has happened to me that people interested in traveling ask me simply, for example: how much does a package cost me to travel 3 nights to Cancun for 2 people?, to which I answer first of all: on what dates are you planning to travel? that This information is crucial when planning a trip, booking a flight or a hotelBecause it is not the same to travel in September as at the end of December, the seasons have a great influence, the availability and rates of both hotels, flights and services vary greatly depending on whether it is high season or low season.

In the case of flights prices vary due to a number of other factors in addition to the season, although it is true that in high season they are normally more expensive, we can also find that in the same season the rates vary, this is mainly due to the fact that the airlines designate a certain number of seats per fare typeIn other words, on the same flight there are 5 seats at 100 pesos, 10 seats at 200 pesos and 30 seats at 300 pesos, to give an example, so as it fills up, a different rate is applied.

In most Hotels from beaches like Cancun, Vallarta, Los Cabos and others is usually not that complicated and they are assigned rates for each seasonIn other words, a standard room can cost you 100 pesos if you travel from January 4 to July 1, 300 pesos if you travel from July 2 to August 15, again 100 from August 16 to December 20, and so on. . The exact days depend on the policies of each hotel but normally they are around the same dates.

We can divide the year into different holiday seasons to travel through Mexico:

  • Holidays in high season
  • Holidays in low season
  • Holidays in spring season
  • Holidays in summer season
  • Holidays in autumn season
  • Holidays in winter season
  • Christmas and New Year holidays
  • Easter holidays
  • Holidays on Bridges and Holidays
  • Holidays at festivals or carnivals

High Season to Travel in Mexico

In Mexico you can get an idea of ​​when it is high season and when it is low season by following the school calendarNormally when children have vacations it is considered high season and the rest of the school year is low season, with this we can say that high seasons are mid-December to early January, at Easter and early/mid-July to mid-Auguston some bridges and holidays or specific dates of special events prices rise but it depends on each hotel and destination.

Low Season to Travel in Mexico

Due to this, if you have flexibility to choose the day you will go on vacation, it is convenient for you to take them on dates other than those holiday periods marked on the school calendarit will be cheaper in addition to having some other benefits.

Most of those who have children have no choice but to travel during those holiday periods, but if this is not your case, what dates do you like to travel the most?

Spring break

Spring is a good season to travel in Mexico, with the weather warm and sunny, the flora and fauna blooming, and the festivities in full swing, the advantage is that in most destinations it is sunny but not yet so high temperatures, some of the main events that happen in spring are:

  1. Day of the Dead: Although traditionally celebrated in November, in some regions of Mexico, such as the Huasteca region in the state of San Luis Potosí, it is celebrated in spring. During this holiday, people honor their deceased loved ones with altars, offerings, and festivities throughout the country.
  2. Holy Week: Holy Week is one of the most important religious festivities in Mexico. Most cities and towns across the country celebrate with processions, masses, and street festivities.
  3. Cumbre Tajín Festival: This festival is held in the state of Veracruz and features indigenous music, dance, and art. It also includes ritual ceremonies, workshops and lectures.
  4. Festival of Flowers: This festival takes place in the city of Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos, and celebrates the arrival of spring with music, dance, and flower displays.
  5. San Marcos National Fair: This event is held in the city of Aguascalientes and is one of the largest and most important fairs in Mexico. It includes a large number of events, such as bullfights, concerts, exhibitions and activities for the whole family.
  6. Guadalajara International Film Festival: This film festival takes place in Guadalajara and attracts filmmakers, actors and movie lovers from all over the world.
  7. International Contemporary Dance Festival: This festival is held in Mexico City and features a wide variety of contemporary dance performances from around the world.

Summer vacation in Mexico

In summer the temperature rises in most destinations in Mexico, being a good excuse to visit mainly the country’s beaches since the climate is perfect for swimming and practicing water sports or activities.

From the beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya to the Pacific coast in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy the sun and sea in all its splendor.

Some of the most important events that happen during the summer season in Mexico are:

  1. Guelaguetza Festival: This festival is celebrated in the city of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico, during the last two Mondays of July. During the festival, parades, dances, and performances showcasing the rich culture and traditions of the region are held.
  2. San Marcos National Fair: The San Marcos National Fair is held in the city of Aguascalientes, in central Mexico, during the last weeks of April and the first weeks of May. The fair is one of the largest in Latin America and has a large number of activities, such as concerts, bullfights, exhibitions and gastronomic samples.
  3. International Cervantino Festival: This festival takes place in the city of Guanajuato, in central Mexico, during the second half of October. The festival is one of the most important in Latin America and features a wide variety of events, from plays and concerts to dance and film presentations.
  4. Beach Festival: The Beach Festival is held in the city of Cancun, in the Mexican Caribbean, during the months of July and August. During the festival, a large number of events related to the beach and Mexican culture take place, such as surf contests, art exhibitions and live music.

Holidays in Autumn

Fall is a good time to travel in Mexico if you are looking to avoid the crowds and high prices of the peak summer season. During the autumn season, which runs from September to November, the weather is cooler and more pleasant, and there are a wide variety of activities and places to visit throughout the country, in some areas it can be rainy but it is worth taking the risk.

One of the main advantages of traveling in the fall is that you will find fewer tourists, which means fewer lines, less traffic, and more affordable prices for accommodation and activities.

Some of the most important events that happen in Autumn in Mexico are:

  1. Independence Day – September 16 is Mexico’s Independence Day, marking the start of the country’s fight for independence in 1810. Throughout the country, parades and celebrations take place, and public squares are filled with music, food and fireworks.
  2. International Cervantino Festival – The International Cervantino Festival is held in the city of Guanajuato, in central Mexico, during the second half of October. It is one of the most important cultural festivals in Latin America and presents a wide variety of art and cultural events, including music, theater, dance and exhibitions.
  3. Day of the Dead – The Day of the Dead is a very important celebration in Mexico that takes place on November 1 and 2. During this time, people honor their deceased loved ones and it is believed that the deceased return from the afterlife to be with their loved ones. The streets are filled with altars, offerings and processions, and you can enjoy typical dishes of the season such as pan de muerto and mole.
  4. San Miguel de Allende Jazz Festival – This festival is held in the city of San Miguel de Allende, in the state of Guanajuato, during the second week of November. The festival attracts jazz musicians from around the world and features a wide variety of concerts, workshops, and jazz-related activities.
  5. Harvest Festival in Ensenada – The Baja California wine region celebrates the Harvest Festival in Ensenada in September. During this event, visitors can participate in wine tastings, tastings, and tours of local vineyards.
  6. October Fiestas – The October Fiestas are celebrated in the city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, throughout the month of October. During the event, parades, concerts and competitions are held, and you can enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks typical of the region.

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