Prague Castle has a magical beauty and it is one of the essential places what to see in Czech Republic. Prague is a city with many things to do, but its castle is the most fascinating. This is not a conventional castle, but it is an area of ​​narrow streets and great Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural wonders. And if that was not enough, Prague Castle is considered the largest ancient castle in the world. It is no more and no less than 570 meters long by 130 meters wide. Is awesome!

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1. What is Prague Castle: brief history

He Prague Castle It is much more than a great building. He is considered like an ancient symbol of the Czech state. It was founded around 880 by Prince Bořivoj of the Přemyslovci dynasty. Prague Castle It is a large-scale composition of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of various architectural styles. The artist behind this magnificent work was el famoso arquitecto esloveno Josip Plečnik. Over the years and since the Velvet Revolution, the Prague Castle It has been repaired and rebuilt several times.

In case you did not know Prague Castle is in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to its almost 70,000 m² surface area. It is the largest castle complex in the world! And, if that were not enough, it has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They are some of the Prague curiosities that you will discover during your visit to this magical city.

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2. What is the best time to visit Prague Castle

Being the main attraction in Prague, it is important that your visit to Prague Castle is without crowds. So we recommend you Go before opening time. Tickets cannot be purchased in advance, so you have to purchase them at that time. If you arrive before the doors open, you will be the first to buy the ticket, you will save yourself from waiting in line and you will enter right away.

It is worth waking up early and starting this visit as soon as possible. Otherwise, At 10 in the morning, Prague Castle becomes the busiest place in Prague.

It is also a good idea to visit Prague Castle at the end of the daywhen tourists head to other parts of the city.

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3. What to see in Prague Castle

3.1. Cathedral of St. Vitus

The beautiful cathedral is a symbol of Prague. Although its construction began in 1344, it was not until 1929 that it was opened to the public after so many years in the works. Yes, you did not read wrong, after many changes of monarchs, architects and the Thirty Years’ War that caused damage, this imposing cathedral it’s over completely after six centuries of waiting. Although we dare say it was worth it!

Its interior has been coronation scene of several kings, as well as the place of his burial, in the Royal Pantheon. Everything is awesome! Look at the stained glass windows and the most precious part of the cathedral, the Wenceslas Chapel, decorated with gold and precious stones. Through this chapel you access the chamber where the Czech Crown Jewels are kept, although of course you will not see it directly since they are very well kept. St. Vitus Cathedral is very precious to Prague and a treasure both inside and out for its visitors.

The most imposing monument of Prague Castle

3.2. Gold Alley

After admiring the cathedral you should walk through the Alley of Gold. It is a small street within the castle grounds that dates back to the 16th century. These little houses belonged to the 24 guardians of the court. Later, goldsmiths lived on the street for several centuries. Hence its name! Starting in the 19th century, its inhabitants diversified: artists, courtiers and even ordinary people. One of the most famous people who lived in the blue house 22 was Franz Kafka..

Nowadays, the pretty colorful houses are small medieval puppet and armor shops worth browsing. You won’t want to move from there! For us it is the best there is in Prague Castle.

Prague CastlePrague Castle
Prague Castle has this charming alley | Maros Mraz

3.3. St. George’s Basilica

Is he oldest building within the castle grounds and with its striking red façade it will not go unnoticed. It was built in 920 and was later expanded to add a convent. St. George’s Basilica was rebuilt in the 17th century after suffering a fire. Therefore, you will notice that the façade does not look so old compared to the rest of the buildings in the area. Prague Castle.

Currently, it houses an exhibition room of 19th century Bohemian art from the National Gallery in Prague. It is also used as a concert hall. You can consult the entire cultural agenda of the venue on its website. ¡You see that in Prague Castle there is everything!

Prague CastlePrague Castle
The façade of the basilica is beautiful and inside there are true treasures | Prazak

3.4. Palacio Lobkowicz

This palace located in Prague Castle It belonged to the Lobkowicz family for over 300 years. The various generations of nobles were passionate about music and They served as patrons of composers such as Händel, Haydn and Beethoven. A luxury that only the nobility could afford!

During the 20th century, the palace housed offices of the Czech government, but later the Nazis and communists looted the valuable belongings of the Lobkowicz family. Currently, after a restoration of the palace, you can see a large artistic collection on the level of Velázquez, Rubens or Canaletto. There are also replicas of the Czech crown jewels, a display of weapons, various musical instruments and sheet music from the period.

3.5. The castle towers

He Prague Castle It also has four enormous towers and each one has stories that have transcended over the years. The most famous is perhaps the Daliborka, this tower was an old prison, but its fame is due to its first prisoner, named Dalibor. Legend has it that he was the Robin Hood of the city and helped some slaves with the uprising, for this reason he was imprisoned and executed.

Also known are the Black Tower and the White Tower. The first got its name after being completely black after a strong fire. The second was a prison about which very cruel stories are told. He Prague Castle and its attractions hide a lot of history!

Lastly, the Powder Tower which is next to St. Vitus Cathedral and was part of the castle fortification. Its name comes from the fact that it was a gunpowder depot until there was an accidental explosion and it had to be rebuilt.

Prague CastlePrague Castle
The Daliborka Tower is the setting for many legends of the city | Wendy

3.6. Toy Museum

An attraction of Prague Castle What you can’t skip is the toy museum. You will surely get nostalgic when visiting it. Is about a large collection of toys that have up to 150 years of history. There is everything and they will transport you to your childhood: Barbies, animals, stuffed animals, cars, porcelain dolls that will scare more than one and many more… The objects are a donation from toy collector Ivan Steige. You will remember how you played in other times. The Toy Museum is also a good place if you are traveling as a family with children.

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4. Useful information for your visit

If you are planning a visit to Prague Castle, We share super important information that you should consider. You also have some super useful tips to avoid wasting time and money.

4.1. Prague Castle opening hours

It is important that you know that There are two schedules at Prague Castle. One that works during the winter and another in the summer. The complex in general is open every day from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. But the historic buildings you can visit have a specific schedule.

  • Summer: The historic buildings can be visited from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Winter: The historic buildings can be visited from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

4.2. Guided tours

Visit Prague Castle with a guided tour is the best option to learn about the history and curiosities of the place. Can book a FREE tour in Spanish of the open areas of the castle. But if you want to explore it in depth, We recommend this guided tour of all the corners of Prague Castle that already includes tickets. This way you will have everything solved!

4.3. How much does it cost to enter Prague Castle?

You can too visit Prague Castle on your own. You should know that there are several types of tickets with different prices and access permissions to certain places. You can check the packages in the Prague Castle official website. For a quick visit, we advise you to buy the main circuit with which you can see the basics. Includes entry to the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Gold Street and St. Vitus Cathedral. This tour costs 450CZK, that is, about €18 per person.

The good news is that with any type of input you can enter the spaces you purchased for two consecutive days. This way you will enjoy the castle 100% and without rushing. The price is worth it!

If you like To avoid the long lines to buy your tickets for Prague Castle, we recommend buying tickets at a bar in front of Gold Alley. You will go faster than at the ticket office in the same complex.

Tips to save money

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On the following map you will find marked all the attractions of Prague Castle. This will make it much easier to organize your visit!


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