There is no doubt that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is known as the City of a Hundred Towers and although it is small you will have many things what to do in Prague. It is impossible for you to get bored in this destination. It has everything! From the largest ancient castle in the world to a dancing house. We have prepared this post with its essentials. That is, those things that cannot be missed on your route through the city, even if you want to see Prague in one day. These are the 12 best places what to see in Prague.

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1. Charles Bridge

Of all the bridges in the world this is one of the most famous. Fortunately, it is exclusively for pedestrians, so crossing it is essential. what to do in Prague. No matter what time you go, Charles Bridge is always packed with people. And even on the bridge there are more things to see. For example, the characteristic statues that decorate the sides of the bridge, stalls selling crystal jewelry and a couple of musicians that set the scene. It’s lovely!

If you are wondering what is the best time to go to Charles Bridgewell the answer is easy, although it has its negative points. Seeing the Prague sunset from there is very beautiful, the problem is that it is the busiest time for tourists.. To enjoy the almost empty Charles Bridge the best option is get up very early. Whatever time you go, the Charles Bridge cannot be missing among the best things what to see in Prague.

The beautiful Charles Bridge in Prague

2. Old Town Square

From the Old Town Square you can see the iconic image of Prague that you usually find everywhere. This site represents the center of Prague and that’s why she’s always very lively. There are a lot of places to have a drink and a lot of bustle of tourists. It’s very busy! The square is surrounded by beautiful colorful buildings and houses two jewels of the city: its town hall and the Gothic church of Our Lady of Týn. One of the places what to see in Prague that you can’t skip!

what to see in Praguewhat to see in Prague
One of the most beautiful squares in Europe

3. Astronomical Clock, one of the most curious things to see in Prague

This astronomical clock It is located in the Prague Town Hall tower and it is the oldest in operation. The locals call it Orloj and the curious thing is that tells the time in different ways: local time in Prague, time according to the ancient Bohemian time scale, hours since sunrise. In addition, it also indicates the 12 months, the moon phase and the signs of the zodiac. It’s very interesting!

With so much going on, the truth is that it is difficult to identify just the current time. In any case, it is a lot of fun to try, although the easiest and fastest thing is to look at the time on the mobile screen. The clock is a true work of art and is worth stopping to contemplate for a few minutes.

what to see in Praguewhat to see in Prague
The curious astronomical clock of Prague

4. Wenceslas Square

If the Old Town Square is the center of old PragueWe could say that Wenceslas Square has seen the most recent history of the Czech capital. This was the point where the fall of communism began with the famous demonstrations of the Velvet Revolution. The square itself is huge and, unlike the Old City, it is not very welcoming because vehicles circulate. Still, it is worth a visit for its historical importance and atmosphere. shopping around.

5. Prague Castle

A place what to see in Prague That cannot be missed for anything in the world is its castle. It is a huge complex that you can enter and walk through its streets. It houses precious jewels such as the Cathedral of San Vitus or the Alley of Gold, where Franz Kafka lived. In addition, being elevated, it has several viewpoints where you can contemplate the beautiful buildings of Prague from above. And if that was not enough, Prague Castle is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ancient castle in the world.

Info to visit Prague Castle

The imposing St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the wonders of Prague Castle | alvesgaspar

6. Powder Tower

The Powder Tower is the entrance to the historic center of Prague. It is another symbol of the city! It used to be the gate of the wall that was built in 1475 until it suffered a fire and was unfortunately destroyed. Later it served as a gunpowder warehouse and hence its name. If you want you can go up to the tower, which functions as a viewpoint, for 190CZK (about €8). As a curiosity, this It is not the only Powder Tower to see in Praguein the castle there is another one with a very similar story!

7. Municipal House

The Municipal House is a very prominent and important place to see in Prague because from there The independence of Czechoslovakia was proclaimed in 1918. It is linked to the Powder Tower by a small bridge. The Municipal House is the most representative Art Noveau building in Prague.

Today, this place serves as a stage for the most prestigious concerts of the city with a beautiful dome that crowns it. Inside there is also a restaurant and a cafe with a charming atmosphere that makes you feel like you are traveling back in time.

8. Monte Petrin

Are you looking for a viewpoint in Prague? Mount Petrin is par excellence the best. In addition, the walk to the top is very pleasant, although if the day is very hot, going up will be a little difficult. If you don’t feel like walking, you can go up by funicular. Arriving, There are a couple of bars with spectacular views from Prague and, against all odds, their prices are very affordable.

Up at the top you will see a tower very similar to the one Torre Eiffel, but in a small version. Is called Torre Petrinmeasures 98 meters and you can climb to have a slightly higher view of the city.

9. Lennon Wall, one of the most curious things to see in Prague

Although John Lennon was never in Prague, curiously there is a wall in tribute to the artist. The wall is covered in graffiti with Beatles lyrics and pacifist messages. Its origin dates back to the day of Lennon’s murder in 1980, when many young people wanted to honor him by dedicating this wall to him.. It’s one of the most famous things what to see in Prague!

The communist authorities took it as a challenge and despite constantly erasing the paint and even installing surveillance cameras, the graffiti continued to appear. Fortunately, The place has remained until today.

10. Dancing House

All the buildings you will see in Prague have a particular style, except for this one. In fact, the Dancing House created controversy in the city because breaks with the architectural style of the city. The artist behind this work was Vlado Milunić in collaboration with Frank Gehry.

And if you wonder why the building is called that pues refers to Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts, two famous dancers. It is said that the facade makes this couple excited in action. They even named the place Fred and Ginger.

10 curiosities of Prague that will surprise you

11. Old Jewish Cemetery and synagogues

One of the most impressive places what to see in Prague is this. The cemetery was used since the 15th century and it is estimated that More than 100,000 Jews rest there. What is surprising is that the graves are very crowded. The reason is that the Jews do not allow their tombs to be destroyed, so they created a new layer of earth on top to make room for new tombs.

It is estimated that there are up to 12 layers of soil. This was discovered thanks to an archaeological excavation. For most tourists it is an essential visit, since it is part of the city’s history.

SIf you buy the ticket to the cemetery you will also be able to visit the six synagogues and, if there is a long line at the cemetery, it is recommended to buy the ticket at one of the synagogues.

In addition to the cemetery, Prague preserves the Jewish quarter, Josefov, very well. There are six synagogues, including the oldest in Europe. which is still used for worship, the Old New Synagogue, from the year 1270.

12. The Strahov Monastery Library, one of the most spectacular things to see in Prague

We come to the end of the best things what to see in Prague and we have one last option for you. Halfway between the Petrin Tower and Prague Castle is this monastery. Most of its rooms cannot be visited, although the library and art gallery yes. You are going to be amazed by the library! It has a beautiful ceiling and a large collection of books from the Middle Ages. It’s a fascinating place! You could spend hours and hours admiring the ceiling or browsing through the countless books it has.

The beautiful library


Below, you will find all the attractions mentioned above marked on this interactive map.


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