From October 30 to November 2, the 16th edition of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions of Xcaret will be held, where various cultural and gastronomic activities will be presented.

The Festival of Life and Death Traditions has become one of the most important Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico, as it exalts the traditions and cultural richness of our country; In addition, this year the special guest state will be Tlaxcala.

This edition will feature various activities such as gastronomic samples, workshops, altars, monumental carpets, murals, concerts, puppets and theatrical presentations by local artists, local talents and special guests.

The main venue of the festival will be the Xcaret Park, however there will also be venues at the Hotel Xcaret México, Hotel Xcaret Arte and the Teatro de la Ciudad de Playa del Carmen.

Some of the activities that will take place are:

At Xcaret Park:
  • Tlaxcala is the state considered the cradle of the nation and miscegenation, so it will share its gastronomic, artisanal, textile and dance wealth.
  • Some musical samples such as: “Voces Yuhmu de Ixtenco” by the Otomí Children’s Choir of Tlaxcala.
  • Exhibitions of the artists: Ignacio Nezahualcóyotl and Malena Díaz.
  • Theater: “Canek, Legend of a Mayan Hero” by Luna Morena Company; “La Calaca already took me” from Stage Magic; and “Death and Corn” by Erik de Luna.
  • Concerts: Astrid Hadad with her show “Living Dying” and Ernesto Anaya “De calacas, sones, muertos y tradiciones”.
  • International Artists: The Countertenor Asael Cuesta from Colombia and the theater company “La Baldufa from Spain.
  • House artists: Xipe Totek Group, Ball Players, Xcaret Dance Company, Women’s Mariachi, Typical String Orchestra.
  • Artistic groups from Zona Maya: Charanga, Tumben Lol Folkloric Ballet, Q.Roo JMM Folkloric Ensemble and Grupo Ilusión Arte.
  • The Interactive Hacienda will have different workshops to learn how to make skulls, embroidery, typical sweets, write as in pre-Hispanic times or set up an offering.
  • With the aim of bringing theater closer to different communities in Quintana Roo and in alliance with Fundación Truperias AC, the play “Trupus Calacus” will be taken to different municipalities in a circuit of 10 performances from November 3 to 12.
  • The return of the gala concert in the great Tlachco with the presentation of the project that brings together two legends of national music: “TOUR La Vecindad Santanera”, an unprecedented show that will make attendees dance with the fusion of rhythms such as danzón, mambo, chachachá and cumbia, with the strength of rock, ska and other traditional influences of Mexican music that make possible La Sonora Santanera by Carlos Colorado and Maldita Vecindad and the Children of the 5th Patio.

At Hotel Xcaret Mexico:
  • Ha’ Restaurant: Tribute to the gastronomy of Tlaxcala by Chef Francisco Molina from the “Evoka” restaurant, characterized by trying to add value to traditional dishes.
  • Mercado de la Merced Restaurant: Sample of Traditional Cuisine at the hands of Doña Elvia Contreras Becerra, originally from the municipality of Nanacamilpa, belonging to the Cocineras Manos de Mayahuel de Tlaxcala group.
  • Las Cuevas Restaurant: traditional Mayan cook Rosalinda Maay Poot.
At the Xcaret Art Hotel:
  • Kibi Kibi Restaurant: Menu by Chef Iván Fernando del Razo from the “Mexko” restaurant with the combination of traditional, contemporary and research techniques to show the gastronomic and cultural wealth of Tlaxcala.
  • Canteen restaurant: Tlaxcalan cuisine at the hands of Chef Andy Salazar López from the “Tequexquite” restaurant. Interested in agrotourism development and gastronomic tourism in his state and with the ideal of evolving the culinary ways of his hometown.

To learn more about the activities that will take place at the festival, you can visit the official event page or download the Xcaret Events application.

The general pre-sale of tickets will be from September 1 to 30, and the general sale will be from October 1 to November 2, through the official page of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions.

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