September is already beginning and for most Mexicans the holidays are over, it is time to take care of expenses, this post “The Good End 2022 When will it be?” will give a why…

As happens to all of us, on vacations we spend, even if it was not the plan; Whether it is a getaway or a planned trip, both have extra expenses and the money, although well invested in your happiness, goes…

Therefore, in addition to paying the debts that were added to your list, consider improving your credit capacity by the end of the year, the offers that arrive at the good end of 2022 are worth it.

Surely you are thinking that you do not need anything and that this year you are not going to spend, but just in case and suddenly the need arises for something that is just at a great price, better to have a little storage to give yourself that little taste. Do not you believe it?

Good End 2022, info for those who don’t know him

El Buen Fin is an initiative that seeks, on the one hand, to boost the economy by promoting domestic consumption, and on the other, to provide benefits to Mexican families who can access products and services whose prices offer great discounts.

This practice, which has been carried out for more than 10 years, is highly anticipated by Mexicans who want to take advantage of the discounts of the good end to acquire products and services that, otherwise, with their regular prices, they would not be able to.

It is worth mentioning that it is also the opportunity for merchants to increase their sales volumes, as long as they are committed to offering good prices.

This is how this commercial event brings together sellers and buyers, both those who work through electronic commerce and those who have physical stores, and lasts for four days, from Friday to the following Monday, in the month of November.

The best thing about these days of incredible discounts is that you will find a wide and varied range of products and services, with shops that sell household products, electronics, musical instruments, bicycles, motorcycles and accessories, trips and tours, national and international flights and more. .

You will have a lot to choose from…

good end 2022

When is the good end 2022?

The dates of the good end for this year 2022 will be the days that go from Friday, November 18 to Monday, November 21 inclusive.

Good news for those who can take the day off on official holidays is that just that weekend counts as a Weekend XL; however, you have to make sure since the SEP scheduled it as a long weekend, but with a date of November 14, more details in our post here.

The theme of the holiday can be very good information to be able to take the time and visit the stores that interest you and even not be checking web pages during business hours with the risk of being sanctioned.

Recommendations and tips to buy in the next Good End

A first recommendation for your purchases in the good end of 2022 is to make a list of your purchase priorities and investigate the prices from now on, that way you will be able to check if they really have a good discount and which one suits you best.

On the other hand, always make sure you buy in a place that is authorized and appears among the shops that are part of the Buen Fin, you can check it on the list that, for that date, appears on the official website here.

Another tip for making purchases in the good end of 2022 is not to get carried away by emotion and review the purchase conditions carefully, this means reading the fine print.

For example, if you hire a travel package, take into account the dates you can access to finalize it, whether or not it includes transportation, what type, whether you will have to pay the TUA at the airport, whether it includes a suitcase, where it leaves from and where does it return to, etc.

When contracting through the web, take precautions about who you provide your personal data to and the means you use to enter passwords, do not use any computer.

If you have planned a trip to the beach or a beautiful Mexican city, keep in mind our tips to find reliable travel agencies.

And if you are already thinking of a destination but a good offer appears in another place where you can travel and that you still do not know, do not hesitate to give it a try, it may be that place that will fascinate you.

Do not forget to consult the return and/or guarantee policies of the product and/or service that you are going to acquire.

Finally, try not to spend more than you can afford, your mental health and family finances will surely thank you.

good end 2022


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