Starting January 16, 2023, travelers visiting Venice in one day will need to buy a ticket to gain entry, Venice tourism councilor Simone Venturini announced.

The entry fee will range between 3 euros and 10 euros, depending on the influx of travelers.

According to Simone Venturini, this measure will help the Italian city combat the problem of excessive tourism, since in recent years, the number of travelers has exceeded what Venice’s infrastructure can cope with. In addition, most of the visitors only stay in the city for a single day.

Those who plan to go to Venice should go to a website to book their visit in advance; Once the reservation is made, travelers will receive a QR code that they can scan at the electric turnstiles located at the main access points to the city.

Said system will ask travelers to pay a single fee of 10 euros for peak hours, including summer, or three euros on very calm days, however, it is expected that the entrance will generally be around six euros, out of season .

To determine the access rate, a maximum threshold of 40,000 or 50,000 visitors per day will be established.

NOTE: this rate must only be paid by travelers who visit the city in one day, those who spend the night in Venice will be exempt from paying it.

Foto: ©irisphoto18/123RF.COM

Simone Venturini added that when booking the visit they will receive incentives such as discounts on admission to museums.

This measure is expected to decrease crowds and thus protect Venice’s heritage.

Other measures that the city has applied have been the prohibition of cruise ships entering the historic center of Venice, diverting them to other ports such as Fusina and Lombardy.

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