How nice to meet you here again.

And now with this experience closer and closer and more and more in my hands.

After several years dreaming of this experience, it has finally come into my life. And I am a few weeks away from living this dream.

Ever since I saw the film Alma Salvaje more than 10 years ago, a film that tells the story of a woman who travels alone over 1000 km on the Camino del Pacifico, I thought how beautiful it would be to be able to travel something as beautiful as that path.

The PCT (PACIFIC CREST TRAIL) is a national trail in the United States, which runs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, forming a route of long-distance trails that cross several national parks in the United States.

It has been an experience to be able to get to this moment where I can share with you that I am a few weeks away from being on the path and living my own experience.

And that’s what I want to write to you about. From the first steps towards the PCT.

A long time ago, when I finally made the decision to do it, I had no idea what it could be like to paint the first path to the PCT. Despite the fact that I have the experience of a trail (El Camino de Santiago in Spain), some encounters with the mountain like the top in IZTACCÍHUATL, and a life next to trails, preparing for a long-distance trail is another experience.

And here I share the points that I would like you to take into account if at any time you decide to live an experience like this.


During these years near the mountain, I met many people who have been an important part of my path as an explorer. And one of those people is Zelzin Aketzalli.

The first Mexican woman to achieve the TRIPLE CROWN.

What it means and in simple words; she managed to complete the 3 longest trails in the United States.

This is why I decided that ZEL should be an important part of this life experience.

If you have the opportunity, I recommend the courses she offers. I leave you their social networks here: INSTAGRAM: @zelzin_aketzalli

After doing several consultancies with Zel, other topics focused on my story arise; share this experience with Paco.

And here, another story begins.

We are still few people who have carried out this type of experience with a pet, but there is nothing impossible about this.

And I’m here to tell you how I integrated Paco into this experience.

The most important part of this preparation is to be informed about what the PCT is.

Some general information (what is it, what permissions do I need, general history) to allow you to open the first map.

Once you have this information, you need to be sure that you have the time and money to do a trail of this level.

It is expensive and requires special planning.

  1. Visa Americana
  2. Permission to take the PCT (The call is online and is opened every year for all countries, you must be on the lookout and have a lot of luck to get it)
  1. Once you have the permit in your hands, it’s time to start planning.

And although each experience is personal (as it depends on your goals on the trail) I can share some general advice.

  • Be clear about the direction in which you will make the path. From Mexico – Canada or from Canada – Mexico.
  • The selection of your team.
  • The length of your trail
  • And the goals of your experience.

Choosing your team will be the most important part.

Long-distance trail gear should be a priority and should be planned ahead of time. It is expensive and you must be prepared.

Knowing the maps, and the climate of the places you will face is a fundamental piece for this experience.

Getting to know you in nature before this experience is important because that way you will know how your steps and the movements of your body are in nature.

And without a doubt, this part is the one that matters the most if you want to share this experience with your pet.

Paco and I have already gone on long walks. We have been in nature for months and we have a life between mountains and trails.

Meeting Paco in nature helps me understand the possible scenarios in an experience like the PCT.

How much he eats, the mileage he ENJOYS walking, how he adapts to nature and above all the terrain that is suitable for him.

During the PCT there are thousands of places where pets are not allowed and that changes the plans a lot, especially in time.

The list of places that do not accept pets is on the official page of the PCT.

I have decided to focus this experience on enjoying it with Paco. That’s why I don’t have a start and finish plan either. Neither a goal of time and km.

Since it will depend on how Paco sits on the trail.

I will start on August 18 and the end will be announced with life.

When I write to you again, I will surely do so with hands full of dirt, feet that hurt, a backpack full of hair and a memory with new landscapes.

walk nice,

Karla from an ocean.

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