If you want to know the most outstanding architectures in the world, you must travel to France, which has several monuments of great importance.

Traveling to France is another level in its appearance artistic, architectural and cultural, is evidenced in many of its monuments, which are undoubtedly part of its identity. They reflect styles such as gothic and renaissancethen adding modernism over the last few centuries.

It should be noted that the influence of other civilizations on architects and designers has been seen, such as the Roman one, which gave them an elegant appearance. The truth is there have been different buildings that are an outstanding image when it comes to evoking this wonderful country.


this palace it was for a long time the model of the royal residence on the European continent. In the reign of Louis XIV and XVI it was the favorite place of the French monarchy. When traveling to this wonderful place in France you will realize that different designers throughout its history have put their grain of sand to show it impeccable and beautiful. Since 1979 it is considered a World Heritage Site, thus increasing the number of visitors it receives. Its decorations, halls, chapels, gardens and sculpture, together with its impressive design, combine to give a wonderful view.

visit the Palace of Versailles


This religious building began to be built in the year 1145 and it took about 26 years to finish it. It is a reflection of French Gothic art and is located just 100 kilometers from the capital. Its portico and its stained glass windows from the 12th and 13th centuries stand out.. It is considered a masterpiece of architecture and compared to the immensity of Notre Dame. Since 1979 it is recognized as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Not being able to put it aside when traveling to France.

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It is without a doubt the quintessential symbol of France and at least 75% of foreigners who visit it have it as an obligatory stop. It was raised in 1889 within the framework of the first centenary of the French Revolution and although at first the idea was that it would last about 20 years, it was maintained over time. With its more than 300 meters highgives the possibility of having unique views of the city and its best places.

travel to the eiffel towertravel to the eiffel tower


It is another of the representative monuments of Paris, it has 50 meters high and it was Napoleon who ordered its construction at the beginning of the 19th century to commemorate the victories of the army. Important historical events have passed through it and it is located on the Charles de Gaulle square, where you can visit and even climb its 300 steps to reach the top. In its lower part there is a monument called the Tomb of the Fallen Soldier in recognition of those who lost their lives in the First World War. Ideal to meet her when traveling to France.

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It is one of the oldest gothic cathedrals in the world and it is currently closed after the fire that broke out in April 2019, which tore out the upper part of the building, including the needle with about 850 years of construction. This monument is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.. It was finished in 1345 and it has been the place of coronation of important kings of the country. Other works of art have been inspired in its design. You will not be able to put it aside when traveling to France.

visit Notre Dame Cathedralvisit Notre Dame Cathedral


For the design of this castle they were inspired by medieval structures, construction began in 1519 in the middle of a forest, in a swampy area. It is very famous in France both for its enormous size in which holds about 440 rooms as well as for its history, gardens and structure. It has an outer wall of 32 kilometers that surrounds it.

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But there are more emblematic places to include on the route through France and that you will not regret visiting. Among them are the Santa Chapel which was built in the twelfth century and is Gothic in style; the Roman remains of Aries in which there is an amphitheater; the Louvre Museum of modern times with global relevance; the The Sacred Heart Basilica; the Torre Montparnasse which is the second in size after the Eifel as well as traditional bridges and many other churches, palaces, museums and castles that await historical secrets.

Are you going to travel to France? Cheer up!

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