Colombia has a good number of protected natural spaces full of life and nature.

The System Colombian Natural Parks it protects extensive areas of the geography in which a large part of its flora and fauna remains. These spaces are visited by thousands of people each year, who learn about the importance of responsible travel while enjoying majestic landscapes.

According to official statistics, Colombia has 42 natural parks organized within the protected areas, which extend over 17,537,882 hectares. That represents about 12% of the national territory. However, they house 64% of the national ecosystems.

From this moment, nature lovers will have 7 beautiful natural parks that they must visit in Colombian lands, which are distributed in the Caribbean, Andean, Pacific, Orinoquía and Amazon regions. Surely after you see them, you will want to visit them as soon as possible.

Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo

Our tour begins in the Colombian Caribbean, off the coast of Cartagena de Indias. The park is made up of an archipelago of 30 islands, in which one of the most important coral formations in the country is maintained. You can choose paradisiacal beaches, mangrove forests or exotic places to spend a good day. The way to get there is by taking a boat at the dock or hiring a tour. An important aspect is that it has enough accommodation, so if you want to spend the night you won’t have any problem.

Los Nevados National Natural Park

The two main activities carried out by visitors to this park are the walks along its trails and mountain routes that include climbing sessions. Its location is in the area known as the coffee axis, a region that is also home to the Otún Lagoon. The authorities recommend traveling through the authorized roads, since this allows the areas to be kept in the best possible condition. The tours led by local guides depart from the towns of Manizales, Pereira, Salento and Tolima.

Tayrona National Natural Park

The area is still inhabited by indigenous communities, which gives the opportunity to learn a little about their culture and customs. Besides, you will come across dozens of species, such as alligators, sloths and monkeys. It is located just 45 minutes from Santa Marta, so getting there is not complicated. One option that many travelers choose is to take a bus from the terminal that takes them to the entrance. Within the park itself there are hotels and inns where you can stay, but it is best to make a reservation in advance.

Gorgona Island National Natural Park

This natural paradise mixes its attractions between the tropical rainforest and the waters of the Pacific Ocean, an area where there are incredible trails ready to be explored. The main references are two islands that bear the names of Gorgon and Gorgonilla. In addition, there are other interesting activities, such as visiting the old prison, seeing humpback whales in action or learning to dive in its calm waters. To get there you have toTake a flight from Cali and then a boat, which only operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you want to spend the night, they offer the accommodation service in cabins within the facilities.

Serrania de La Macarena

This beautiful park is located in the Department of Meta. It stands out within its territory the Cano Cristales, which can only be visited from July to November prior to a reservation, since the number of daily visitors is limited. The best way to get there is taking a flight from Bogotá, Medellín or Villavicencio. Every year the river dresses in the colors of the rainbow, which is undoubtedly a unique natural spectacle. So there is the opportunity to bathe in the natural pools, navigate the waters and get to know the plant that gives color to the currents. There are travel agencies that offer tours with experiences that include nearby areas.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Natural Park

In this territory too the presence of indigenous communities is observed, who are primarily responsible for preserving nature in its original state. Inside the park is the highest peak in Colombia, although some of the areas are not open to the public due to the fragility of the land. However, there are other scenarios that can be known, such as the lost City, in a plan that lasts approximately four days. Guided tours leave from Santa Marta, which are an essential requirement to enter. On the way there are several camps where you can spend the night.

Chingaza Park

Without many complications you can get from Bogotá to this Colombian natural park. It is so immense that the entire territory is part of seven municipalities. The trails are surrounded by frailejones and lots of wildlife. At any moment, a spectacled bear or a deer that gets lost in the mountains can jump into view. It is mandatory to have a reservation in advance, since it is necessary to take a rustic vehicle due to the conditions of the access roads. There are free tours that show you the most attractive corners and that you cannot miss.


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