When choosing an online casino, the player should not only focus on the gaming experience or how attractive its game catalog is. If not, you should know the legal aspects of the operator, since not all of them comply with the legal scope stipulated in Mexico and this regulation is still in the development phase for both casinos and online sports betting.

Does Mexico have regulations for online casinos?

Mexico has the Federal Law of Games and Sweepstakes of Mexico, in force since 1947 and reformed in 2004, which is why it focuses on how to apply it rather than what to apply. But this, compared to other countries in America, is one of the most outdated.

Currently, the new Mexican Senate is awaiting approval of the Federal Gambling Lawthis is intended to set a precedent in legislative terms, since it will develop the gaming regulation in Mexico, which will allow operators such as https://mrbetcasinos.mx/ and their players to continue developing a safe commercial dynamic .

It is appropriate to add that online casinos that operate within the country are governed by the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), who is in charge of authorizing the operators and ensuring that they are governed by the Federal Law of Games and Draws. This body grants them a number of permits so that players can identify them.

Are there legal casinos in Mexico?

As the approval of a new legislation in the Senate is pending, it is logical to question whether it is indeed possible to get online casinos that comply with the established regulations.

And the answer is drawn diffuse, since currently in Mexico it is possible to find some licensed operators and others that continue to operate without state approval. In order to know which one has the regulations, the player can verify it in the list of Online Casinos with a License in the General Directorate of Games and Sweepstakes.

Changes that will come with the new regulation

The new regulations intend to regulate gambling and eliminate the illegality with which some operators continue to operate and for this, a National Gaming Institute that will depend on the Segob. This body will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the new law that will define the minimum age to register in online casinos at 21 years.

This industry is representing 0.5% of the country’s gross domestic product, since this is the third fastest growing industry in Latin America. In addition, the regulation of this market will allow other international operators to establish branches in Mexico in the medium term. Give it a vigorous structure, allow a greater boom in online gambling and benefits for conventional advertising media through taxes collected by the government.

Make a good selection of online casinos in Mexico

To choose a safe operator, detailed research is important. It is possible that Mexico is still waiting for the approval of the regulations, but it is not a bad idea to check that the options that the player has in mind have gaming licenses in Curaçao and Malta.

Having this permission can help guarantee the player a good performance with a minimum of risks, although it is worth remembering that due to the nature of the industry, there is no risk-free game.

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