Hidalgo has a lot to offer both in Easter and Summer. In addition to its famous Pastes, which are a Gastronomic Heritage, you will find Waterparks, spas and hot springswhich will undoubtedly help you relax.

Spend some comforting Easter or summer holidays. Or just escape next weekend to one of the best spas in Hidalgo.

The best Water Parks and Spas in Hidalgo for Easter or Summer:

1. El Geiser Water Park

In this El Geiser Water Park you will be able to enjoy outdoor pools and Jacuzzis with temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius. It is worth mentioning that its waters can reach up to 80 degrees Celsius, since They feed from a volcanic vent, amazing, right?. The El Geiser spa also offers various services, such as massages, beauty treatments, parking, a camping area, panoramic viewpoints and other details that will make your stay very pleasant.

Children can enjoy zip lines, slides, suspension bridges and wading pools.

El Geiser is three hours from Mexico City and only one hour from Querétaro. But it is worth the trip, because you can find yourself in Tecozautla, one of the Magic Towns of Hidalgo, whom we recommend you meet by the way.

The El Geiser spa is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is a family place and access with alcoholic beverages is prohibited. If you want more information about entrance fees, cabins and camping prices, check out their facebook page.

2. Grottoes of Tolantongo

Tolantongo is one of the most famous spas in Hidalgo, it is located in the center of the Sierra de Hidalgo. Beyond being just a hot springs spaIt is an ecotourism center. It has 3 hotels, whose prices are accessible and services such as restaurants, camping areas, rest areas, parking lots, among others.

spas in hidalgo tolantongo

It is managed by the ejidatarios, has an entrance fee of approximately 140 pesos per person. It is divided into two parts: Las Grutas where you will find an incredible underground river of hot springs, which by the way, you must enter through a waterfall of cold water.

The other section of the Tolantongo Caves is where the famous hot springs are located.

To spend something more than a fun day and rest next to this paradise, you can camp. You will find rental of campaign houses at an accessible price. Or you can stay in the Hotel Paradise Hidden, which is the one closest to the hot springs.

tolantongo hidalgo spa

TIP: The best time to enjoy Tolantongo is at sunrise. The views are incredible and the water in the pools is warmer, which contrasts with the cool climate. It is a feeling of incomparable tranquility that we invite you to discover.

You can get to the Tolantongo Caves from Mexico City, the trip is about 3 hours, just follow the GPS route. Get up early!

3. El Tephé Water Park

If you are looking for a place that is 100% water park this is the right place. The Tephé spa is located in Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo. There are buses that take you from Central de Autobuses del Norte. The journey is approximately two and a half hours.

spa god father hidalgo in holy week

The Tephé opens every day of the year from 6am to 9pm, and has the following attractions:

  • pool with slides
  • multitrack
  • Children’s Area
  • Giant waves
  • Super Slides up to 80 meters
el tephe spa in hidalgo

There is a camping area, but access has an additional cost. The place also has its own Hotel, but the drawback is that you cannot make a reservation by phone or any other means, you have to do it directly at the hotel and obviously it is not included in the entrance to the park. For more information follow them on facebook here.

4. God the Father Spa

Holy Week is the same as a party in this spa. It has a huge pool with waves, the main attraction of the place. There is also live music and a great atmosphere throughout. So if you are looking for tranquility and peace, then you better go elsewhere.

If you want a party, relaxation, fun, waves and lots of music, then come to God the Father, an ideal Spa for the Easter.

spa god father hidalgo

This is what the Dios Padre Spa looks like at Easter

If you prefer something quieter, visit it during the week.

The park has its own hotel, but it is not very big. The travel recommendation is that you stay in Ixmiquilpan, make a stop at one of its many barbecue stalls and enjoy the local cuisine. Try their ribs, consommé or the tacos de tummy. All at a very good price!.

ixmiquilpan barbecue

Foto Tripadvisor

For more information and to organize a blowout at this water park in Hidalgo contact them on facebook.

5. Tasquillo Corridor to Alfajayucan

More than a spa, it is a The Tourist Corridor of the Spas in Hidalgo. In addition to incredible landscapes, you will enjoy zip lines, trails, rustic cabins, hammocks, restaurants and everything you need to spend a vacation or a weekend in total relaxation.

The spas that are in this area are:

  • Madho Corrales Spa
  • Bidho Spa
  • Tasdehe Ecotourism Centre
  • Doxey Spa
  • El Renacimiento Ecological Recreation Center
  • Ndheni Ecotourism Center

It is worth visiting them, as some are still not so well known. Take a walk and enjoy them this Easter or next summer.

Check this video:

These are just some of the many Spas that you can visit in Hidalgo, several near Pachuca. Be careful, not all have hot springs. And my suggestion is that you consider booking at least one night in a hotel or camping.

Take into account that when traveling in high season (like in holy week) you may not find enough options to stay.

Depending on your plans, it may be convenient for you to book a Hotel in Pachuca, there are also very cheap ones and with different plans.

Remember that if you need a hotel, contact us to help you.

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