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Quinoa is a kind of cereal that little by little has been gaining ground on the subject of good nutrition. The reason is that it is an excellent source of nutrients, such as minerals, proteins and vitamins, even being one of the best suppliers that we will find in nature.

The presentation consists of small whitish grains. To consume it requires give it a rinse before cookingin order to eliminate saponin, a harmful substance that we find in it.

Once it is clean, quinoa is used in various very healthy recipes, especially as a substitute for rice or in salads. East superfood, as it is known, has come from America to Europe, plans to stay at our table and we appreciate it. Want to know more?

What does quinoa contain?

One of the first things that quinoa is considered a great food It is due to its high protein content, making this cereal a great ally for people who practice sports or maintain an active routine, thanks to the fact that it provides them with a good dose of energy.

quinoa does not contain gluten and its glycemic index is very low, so it has also become a solution for people with celiac disease or sugar problems. But there is still more to say about this food and its benefits.

Speaking of minerals, quinoa contains phosphorus, magnesium, iron and manganese. These are essential for the care of the bones and avoid anemia. Finally, its rich fiber content is perfect for activating the digestive system and intestinal transit, being an excellent adjuvant to treat constipation.

As an additional fact, did you know that quinoa is highly recommended for pregnant women? This is thanks to the fact that this food is rich in vitamin B9, which helps during embryonic development so that the baby is healthier and stronger.

Quinoa benefits

Seeing everything we find in quinoa, it is easy to assume that it offers a huge amount of benefits, thanks to its great contribution to the diet. This cereal is considered a fundamental part of a healthy diet in which you want to take care of your weight, without affecting your health or giving up the energy content of food.

  • Energy: Quinoa is a great source of energy. The starch it contains promotes resistance, while the proteins ensure muscle development and tissue repair. Perfect for athletes!
  • Perfect for diabetics and celiacs: as we already mentioned, it does not contain gluten and its glycemic value is low. In addition, it has carbohydrates, fiber, valine, leucine and isoleucine, which help control blood sugar values.
  • Intelligence: Quinoa nourishes the central nervous system, keeping the brain nourished, thanks to its rich content in phenylalanine, magnesium, iron, glutamic acid and phosphorus, which keep the mind active and awake.
  • Manage stress: This cereal contains tyrosine, which promotes a calming effect on the body and calms the mind.

Who can take quinoa?

Quinoa is an excellent food and It can be consumed by people of any age. That is to say, it is perfect to serve it in the diet of adults, children and older adults.

In the case of the little ones, quinoa is usually a highly recommended food, especially for children who have gluten intolerance. Now, quinoa is beneficial for the diet even non-celiac infants and childrenas it contains histidine, an amino acid that the body does not produce until adulthood.

It also contains arginine, which stimulates good growth, helping children reach their full potential. This, together with the proteins, minerals and vitamins, are the reasons why it is also recommended quinoa for pregnant women.

Quinoa is increasingly consumed and its nutritional contributions more appreciated. It is one of the best foods that we will find on the table within a balanced diet. How do you consume it?

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