Border controls to enter New Zealand have been relaxed and citizens of more than 50 countries can have a wonderful experience for tourism, work or study.

We would spend hours counting the reasons for going to New Zealand, but the truth is that it is a country that always offers new experiences to visitors. Nature is special, there are two big islands and hundreds of small islets, paradisiacal beaches, excellent wines and amazing people who are kind and ready to help you.

But in addition, in the country there is one of the 23 largest towers in the world known as the Sky Tower, from which you have impeccable views of everything around you. And on the other hand, you will never cease to be amazed by the waterfallsthe sunsets and the green that appears everywhere, leaving landscapes where kiwis are always the protagonists.

If you were longing for the moment to travel to New Zealand, the good news is that since last February I established the opening of borders in new zealand progressively and entry is already allowed for students, workers and those with a Working Holiday visa.

New Zealand opens up to tourism

How does the reopening of the border to New Zealand work?

The authorities have indicated that the opening will be progressive and has been divided into four stages, including citizens who do not require a visa to enter, including residents of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Spain. In addition, for the month of July there will be no limitation to enter, except to comply with the mandatory procedures.

Another feature of this opening is that Travelers will no longer be forced to isolate themselves certain amount of time, but each one will do it on their own. Of course, at the airport they deliver some tests that you must carry out to make sure that your health is normal.

What do you need to enter New Zealand?

Although there is no longer mandatory isolation, yes there are certain requirements that every traveler must meet so that you are not denied entry to New Zealand. Surely the following list will serve as a guide:

  • Passport and valid visa in case your country requires this last document.
  • The complete vaccination card showing the doses received.
  • An antigen test 4 hours before the trip or a PCR 48 hours before in which your data and the result can be seen.
  • If you are not vaccinated for health reasons, you must have a certificate to support it.
New Zealand opens up to tourism

Best things to do in New Zealand

As you read above, in this country there is much to do. One of the options is to apply for a Working Holiday visa – a process that has already been opened or you could do an english course. But if you want to do it for tourist reasons, here is a list of the main places you can visit:

  • Hobbiton: It is a small town that has been known worldwide for being one of the sets of the film The Lord of the Rings.
  • Wellington: It is the capital of the country and the starting point to go to other places such as Mount Victoria or Kaitoke Park.
  • Tongariro National Park: visiting it is a unique way of hiking through volcanic landscapes and colorful lagoons.
  • West Coast Glaciers: rocky landscapes adorned by ice that reflect the country’s geography.
  • Milford Sound: one of the most spectacular fjords in the country that can be accessed by a quiet road.
  • Monte Cook: It is the highest mountain in New Zealand that you have to climb on foot but it is worth it, the image will remain forever in your memory.
  • Tutukaka Coast: a bit of beach is not bad, so go to this coast and enjoy the sea and the cliffs.
  • Raglan: This coastal town has a unique and special environment for surfers, who take advantage of all the movement of its waves.
  • Christchurch: It is the largest city in the South Island with good restaurants and shops.
  • Queenstown: adventure and risk come together in a very beautiful city, where you can take advantage of practicing some extreme sports and raise your adrenaline to the maximum.
  • Cape Reinga: In this viewpoint you will have the opportunity to observe the way in which the waters of the sea meet with those of the Pacific Ocean. For the locals it is a sacred and spiritual place.

Find out also how you can live a year in this country working and traveling. Live a unique experience in one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world work and travel in New Zealand on a one year visa.

New Zealand opens up to tourism

Must enjoy New Zealand

Various studies indicate that New Zealand has many features that make for an ideal quality of life. Among other things, its cities are very safe, the climate is pleasant, education is highly valued, workers are well paid, and the economy is stable and prosperous.

So for travelers, the opening of the borders opens the possibility to turn their life around, prepare, enjoy new adventures and spend a completely different season.


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