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For a traveler, packing time can become an odyssey. You always have to think about what to pack, check the weight so that it passes on the planes without paying extra, that the volume is not too large to fit in the suitcases, what things can be packed that comply with international standards, where can packing and many other things that yes or yes must be taken into account.

All this overwhelms, now imagine what happens when you have to choose a gift for a traveler, it can also be a problem, that’s why I’m going to leave you some ideas so that your gift is not forgotten in a drawer, and becomes a treasure for that friend or family member who spends their time traveling the world and carries them in their hearts for having found the perfect gift.


For those travelers who are photo lovers, there are all kinds of tripods, in all sizes and colors, but if the gift is for a frequent traveler, the best thing is a compact one that can be easily packed. GorillaPods are being offered on the market, which are very small tripods that can be used with cameras or mobile devices and can be hung or placed anywhere, resistant and above all versatile. A perfect gift even for that lonely traveler.


There are many types, compact, with protections, wheels, loaders and also many brands on the market and with many features. The important thing is to take into account the dimensions and weight, which can be placed under the seats of the planes to save the additional cost that airlines are now charging for most tickets.

I use a 30L brand @mont.bags it is very light, it fits everything and the best thing is that I have never paid extra to take it with me in the cabin (I have a gift for you, using the code ELDIARIODEBETO at you will get a 15% discount ).


It has always been a problem to pack our toiletry kits, because the regulations in force worldwide is that neither aerosols nor containers with more than 100ml capacity can be carried in the aircraft cabins, and if we travel only with hand luggage it will be quite an inconvenience.

For this reason, a grooming kit will be the ideal gift; This consists of containers that meet the capacity standards in which they can repackage their toiletries and will go through all the controls at the airports without any problem. And the best thing is that they are completely reusable.


Health is a factor that we often leave in the background and it should not be like that, especially when we travel for long periods to areas of extreme heat or cold where the skin is greatly affected and can lead to diseases in the future that we do not want to have. .

For this reason, an ideal gift for a traveler is a sun protection kit, one of those that abound on the market and are highly protective for the skin that we always leave exposed. Do not forget to take into account the size of these, that they comply with the 100 ml norm, and that your favorite traveler to whom you give it to can carry it in their hand luggage.


In the age of technology, a big problem is running out of charge on our mobile devices, so a very good option is to give an external battery that will get us out of trouble when our cell phone rings due to low battery. There are different sizes and capacities, my recommendation is a 10,000mah, with which they can charge up to 2 times a cell phone with its capacity.


Thinking about the environment in addition to your pocket is a very good idea, and today that most water bottles are plastic, thinking about having a reusable thermos is the best option to contribute to caring for the environment.

There are thermoses for all tastes and for each personality, you can choose it to be the best companion of your traveler friend.


Water environments on a trip are the worst enemy of electronics and a case to take the cell phone to your beach or river walks is ideal. That they can protect your device and that you can also use it in the water is a great idea for your gift.


Each country in the world adopts an electrical power adapter standard, there are flat, round, inclined and even square ones, which can complicate the trip when charging electronic devices. They can fix life for your favorite traveler with a universal adapter that you can use in all conditions and outlets along the way. They are cheap and very versatile.


Many times the flights or bus journeys last several hours, and the part of the body that suffers the most is the neck and back. For this reason, an inflatable pillow can be the ideal gift because they are easy to pack, very useful and, above all, they will make trips much more comfortable.


When traveling something that must be taken care of are the documents, since they are the ones that identify them and allow them to go from one place to another without any problem, protecting them is a priority. There are many types of protectors, just take into account the size and weight when choosing the best one for your traveler.

These are just a few gift ideas that will be a treasure for the traveler who is on the move all the time and his favorite hobby is enjoying life moving and having adventures from one place to another. What more gifts do you think a traveler would appreciate and carry with them on all of their trips?

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