With these eleven words, Laura Lazzarino takes us on a journey to her memories, moments, reflections, learnings, places or people in this chapter of the OVERLANDERS podcast

Laura has been traveling since 2008. In a backpack, by train, by plane… sometimes as a couple, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone… She has visited more than 70 countries and in addition to writing a lot and very well on her blog Los Viajes de Nena and in National Geographic, she has two books: “Invisible Paths” of which she is co-author and “Mother Africa” ​​that she has written alone.

Listen to “Overlanders | Laura Lazzarino” in Spreaker.

If you want to know more about her and her life project, go to her website “Los Viajes de Nena“, look for her on instagram or Facebook.

Thanks to Carlos Cerrada Cuesta for the wonderful music he composed for “The Eternal Traveler Syndrome II” and that we wanted to use for this podcast as well. If you want to contact him or know more about him, do not hesitate.

Thanks to Caldú Room with whom we have insured our Arminda campervan for supporting us to produce this podcast. And yes, if you are looking for caravanning or classic vehicle insurance, we recommend that you go through their website and check first-hand the coverage and prices they offer.

Thanks also to Home Exchange with whom we have done home exchanges around the world so many times for coming on a trip with us on this podcast. How? Don’t you know what home exchange is? Here we explain it to you. And if you want to be part of the community, you can get 250 Guest Points with our code rubenlucy-552d8

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Until the next Overlanders show where we travel with words again…

The experiences make each trip unique.
The words, that each person take you to a different place.


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