The train is the main means of transport in India, which is why they have the second largest railway network in the world.

The demand for tickets to use the rail system in India is high, that is the reason why must be booked in timeespecially in times of season when the number of travelers increases greatly.

There are ways to book the ticket online, especially if you are an international traveler. To do this, you have to decide the type that you are going to buy according to the existing categories. But there are several options that you can choose from even if the route is sold out.

To facilitate the procedures and forms of travel, in this guide we are going to present you the main aspects that you must take into account when traveling by train in India.

Mini guide to train travel in India


There are a number of seats available for domestic and foreign travellers. There are some special quotas called Torist Quotawhich is for tourists and almost always get seats. If you have problems doing it via the web, you must purchase it directly at the offices.

In the online application, an online form is filled out To create the user, add a phone number in India where they will receive the password to enter the site. If you don’t have it, like most foreigners, you can send an email referring to your nationality and have the password sent to you that way. Once this step is completed, buying the ticket is simple, having the option to cancel by credit card.

After making the purchase you will receive the confirmation with all the travel data, in addition to the ticket identification number.

In case of doing it directly in India, we inform you that there is a special office for attention to tourists. You must also fill out a form with personal data including the destination you are taking. If it is a short trip, usually no advance reservation is made.

The streets of DalhiMini guide to travel by train in India


There are different classes available, they vary in comfort, privacy and of course in price. It must be said that the trains are quite long and that they have several wagons. There are long and short-distance

There are at least eight modalities that are offered to travelers. Here we give you a brief description of them.

AC1-A1A: it is the first class with air conditioning, it is the most expensive and the one that offers the most comfort. Inside it has four bunks to rest. It is closed so there is a lot of privacy.

second class, also air-conditioned and has four berthsbut not a door but a curtain.

AC3-A3A: third class with air conditioning. It is an open compartment with a total of six berths.

FC: first class

EC: executive class, is used by business people and is not present on all routes.

CC: with seats and air conditioning

SL: without air conditioning, the price is cheap but it has fans in its divisions. It is the most used by backpackers and also has bunk beds.

2S: second class, seats with and without reservation. Here are all those who arrive, you have to bend over backwards to get a seat because of the amount of people. read also Top 5 to visit in India.


There are at least three designations that indicate the status of the purchased ticket. In the first instance it is
confirmedthis is when you have the seat number already printed.

Second, the RACwhich determines that there is a seat available but no bed and finally it is Waintng
this means that you wait for someone to cancel to access a free position.


Normally trains in India are not punctual, so You may have to wait a bit before leaving. What you should do is be alert in case there is a last minute change in terms of departure. In the terminals there are notices that give good indications, but you also have to pay attention to the loudspeakers.

Once you get on, you must be attentive since they do not announce the stops that they will make or the stations that follow, if you don’t pay attention you will lose time.

These trips are a world apart, full of anecdotes and memories. It is the main transport route, so it is key to learn how to use it in the best way.


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