By: Almendra Velázquez

My husband and I decided to unite our love in Bali.

The experience was unique. The rituals were unforgettable, full of good vibes, surrounded by nature, offerings, guests included with local people, typical food and, the best, was the costumes.

We started with a tour where we put on typical clothing, they took us to a river to purify ourselves, to a temple to find out if we were compatible and make a promise to the god, and then it was our wedding, full of magic.

Do you know what our promise was? We promised to come back when we were married for 5 years to renew our vows of love, and guess what?

In 2023 was our 5th anniversary and we returned to get married again in December. Without a doubt it has been a trip that marked my life, an unforgettable experience of love.


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