Find the best areas and hotels where to stay in Meknes is simple. The city is much cheaper compared to others, both to find hotels and to take souvenirs back home. In this post We detail the best areas and hotels to stay in Meknes with its advantages and disadvantages so you can choose the one that best suits you. Is it better to sleep in the Ville Nouvelle or in the Medina? Furthermore we leave you 16 things to do in Meknes so you can enjoy it as it deserves.

Our hotel

During our stay in Meknes we stayed at the Hotel Swani. It is located next to the train station, perfect if you want It is well connected and is also very modern. Its quality-price ratio is unbeatable, without a doubt, we would return stay in this hotel.

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1. Sleeping in the Ville Nouvelle, the best option

In others cities of Moroccosleeping in the Medina is usually the best alternative, but this does not apply 100% in Meknes. The best area is Ville Nouvelle, basically because you will be better connected to get to know the city and go on excursions to nearby places. Although the Medina is close to tourist places, Meknes has the advantage that you can get to know it super quickly. We dedicated a morning to the historic center and in the afternoon we visited Volubilis y Moulay Idrisstwo of the best places what to see in Morocco.

That means yes If you move between cities with public transportation, you will want to be close to the train station. If you want to make the most of the day, the most logical thing is that you have to get up early to catch the train, so if you sleep near the station it is much better.

The Ville Nouvelle de Meknes is modern, full of international restaurants and much tidier. It is completely different from the Medina. Besides, It’s much quieter and that is valued at bedtime. So, for us the Ville Nouvelle is the best area to stay in Meknes.

Of course, you must get used to the idea that In this area you will not find riads, so if you want to live that experience, you’d better opt for another neighborhood. In fact, modern hotels predominate in the Ville Nouvelle. It is true that in the Medina there is more accommodation on offer, even so, the prices in the Ville Nouvelle are not bad at all. A good hotel should not cost you more than €50 per night. Meknes is a budget city, so we don’t think you’ll have any problems finding accommodation.

Best Hotels in Meknes Ville Nouvelle:

La Ville Nouvelle is the best area to stay in Meknes because…

✅ It is close to the train station
✅ You will be in the modern area of ​​the city, if you are interested in modern hotels
❌ There are no traditional accommodations like riads

Our room at the Swani, in the Ville Nouvelle, the best area to stay in Meknes

2. The Medina, a good alternative to stay in Meknes

In Meknes we recommend only two areas: New Town and the Medina. In the others you are already moving away from the most popular areas and public transport stations. The Medina is the area where most of the tourist attractions are concentrated. from the city. In this case, You will not need any type of transportation since it can be explored on foot perfectly.

Did you know The Medina of Meknes is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO? Curiously, it is much smaller than those of Fez o Marrakech and at the same time it is also quieter. In the Medina you will basically find riads. So if you want to have a more traditional stay, this will be your area. It’s a great experience!

Another of the advantages of staying in the Medina is the price. Sleeping in a riad will be cheaper than sleeping in one of the hotels in the Ville Nouvelle. So that you have a price reference, You can find good riads for €25 or a little more. If you are looking for a hotel in the new part, it will probably cost you more than double. Although we would stay in the Ville Nouvelle, the Medina is another good area to stay in Meknes.

Is traveling to Morocco safe?

Recommended accommodations in the Medina of Meknes:

The Medina is the best area to stay in Meknes if…

✅ You want to be close to most tourist attractions
✅ Are you looking for cheap accommodations?
❌ It is a busy and bustling area.

The Medina of Meknes, seen from the outskirts


Next, we will briefly answer a few questions as a summary to quickly resolve any questions.

What is the cheapest area to stay in Meknes?

If you are looking to give your pocket a break during your route through moroccothen we recommend you sleep in the Medina of Meknes. Accommodations here They are much cheaper and there is a wide range. There you will mainly find riads of all kinds. It is a traditional building in Morocco. So, if you are looking for a modern hotel, you will have to go to another area.

In the Medina you can sleep in riads for around €25 or more per night. It is an area close to tourist attractions so you can also save public transportation from other neighborhoods. It is a good alternative for those looking for a cheap accommodation in Meknes.

What is the most recommended area to stay in Meknes?

between the two best areas to stay in Meknes that we have summarized in this post, we are left with the New Town. Basically because in Meknes you have some places on the outskirts of the city that you should visit. For that, it is necessary to be close to the train station so you can get on the first frequency and make the most of the day. Besides, It is not far from the Medina and tourist attractionsso it won’t be difficult for you to get there.

What is the best area to stay in Meknes for families?

Visit Meknes as a family It will require you to have a couple of things on hand. So you’d better sleep in the modern part of the city. If you need to buy something emergency in a pharmacy or in a store, it will be easier to find some in the Ville Nouvelle than in the Medina. Although you will have to go to the most touristy area, it will be easier to solve it because you can order a trusted taxi from the hotel or go with public transportation.

What is the best area to stay in Meknes for a weekend?

If you are going to spend a weekend in Meknes, we recommend having a more traditional experience. Because time will fly by! In that case, it will be better sleep in the Medina of Meknes. Although it is a bustling area with a lot of movement, you will be able to get up close and personal with the daily lives of Moroccans, their traditions and customs. Besides, you will be close to everything so you can take advantage of the short time on the weekend and visit the greatest number of tourist attractions.

Where to sleep in Meknes to go shopping?

Traveling to Meknes has many advantages, especially if you like shopping. Of all the cities in Morocco, Meknes is quite economical, in all aspects, accommodation, food and even souvenirs. If there is one thing you should definitely take home, it is a souvenir from Morocco. In Meknes you can find much lower prices and you can even negotiate and get better deals. It’s a good reason to add Meknes to your list!


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