This Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, announced that as of September 7, 50,000 daily travelers will be allowed to enter the Japanese country, without the need to hire a guide.

According to the Japan Times, travelers will not need to hire a guide to visit Japan, as was established last June, however, they will still have to hire a mediating agency to carry out their trip and the visa process.

“In countries around the world, international exchange is growing. To participate in these exchanges and benefit from the weak yen, we will increase the daily arrival limit to 50,000 from September 7, and we will allow entry into the country for (tourists on) unguided tours from all countries,” Kishida said. .

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In addition, the Prime Minister noted that he will consider further relaxing restrictions based on various conditions at home and abroad, with the aim of bringing border measures on par with members of the Group of Seven.

This measure comes after Kishida announced last week that Japan will eliminate pre-arrival PCR tests in Japan from September 7, if passengers have three doses of a vaccine approved by the country.

So far, the details about the new requirements that travelers who want to visit Japan must meet have not been released, however, they will be announced in the coming days, so we recommend that you stay tuned for announcements from the authorities. or from the Embassy of Japan in your country.

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