Currently, cell phones incorporate high-end GPS technology. Through this it is possible to locate objects, people and places at the moment they are searched for.

This is very effective in the event of loss or theft. The only detail is that the device must be connected to the internet. If that is not the case, there are certain procedures and some programs developed particularly to help solve such a situation, such as the ones you can find on the Spy and Track Cell website. This is precisely what will be addressed in this post, how to find a cell phone that is turned off using the phone number at no cost.

How to track a cell phone turned off using the number assigned by the operator?

Locating a mobile is relatively simple, considering that today there are certain features that cell phones, both iOS and Android, have by default. Although if the user wishes, can run applications developed by third parties they do the same.

Step by step to track a cell phone

This is the simplest way to track the cell phone if it has been lost:

  1. The device must be associated with an active and logged in Google account.
  2. The lost cell phone must be connected to the internet and synchronized with the Play Store or with iCloud. In addition, you must have the location functionality enabled. On an Android, this feature is enabled through “Find My Device”.
  3. From the computer you have to log in to your Google or iCloud account and activate the options to find the device from the security and location settings section.
  4. GPS should always be on.
  5. If a third-party app is being used, you must have previously installed it on the lost phone.

Free methods to track a dead cell phone

Some applications allow you to locate the cell phone turned off, using the phone number, using the last internet connection and using the GPS. Some of them are described in the following sections.

Google location history

This solution is valid for Android mobiles, since Google saves each of the locations of the equipment while it is connected to the internet. This requires that this functionality be enabled.

Activation: In case this function is not enabled, go to the configuration section of the device, go to the location section and then to location history. Select the Google account associated with the cell phone and press activate. It will indicate that the location parameter has been activated. To finish press it is understood.

Process: From the computer where you will do the tracking, sign in to your Google account. The devices associated with it will be displayed, select the lost device and you will get the most recent location on the map with a blue marker. The location will give you the precise geographic coordinates of where the equipment is located. If you press the right mouse button, several possibilities will open, among them, knowing how to get there.

Remote control: taking into account that the equipment is turned off, you will have three options on the screen: decide if an alarm sounds, block it or exit the device.

Google technical support

Through this service, each of the Android users will get technical help to locate the device that is associated with Google. The steps to follow are those:

  • Enter the Google support page, which is in the “guided steps” section and click on Find My Phone.
  • All devices linked to the account will be presented. Select the device you are looking for.
  • Verify the account by entering your password. Then select the checkbox meetwhich is located next to the name of the missing team.
  • Then, a tab will be activated that shows the GPS position of the cell phone with the most recent route.

Use the IMEI code

Having tried the above methods without success, then a cell phone can be tracked by IMEI.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15-digit code that differentiates one cell phone from another. This code is recorded on the equipment itself.

You can get by dialing *#06* on the device. Doing this is invaluable in the event that the equipment is misplaced and is turned off or is turned off. This type of location can only be done by the telephone company, which uses antenna triangulation to locate the most recent position of the device. To do this you must do the following:

  1. Call your telephone operator, explain that you have lost it, when and indicate that it is turned off.
  2. Next, provide the SIM card number, plus the IMEI code. You will be asked certain questions that you must answer. In some cases they can request data from the equipment invoice.
  3. The equipment will be blacklisted and the phone will be blocked. In addition to this, you will obtain a report with data from the most recent connection to the nearest antenna.


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