Traveling is beautiful but carrying suitcases is not, so it is better to optimize and for that, do not miss this post “How to pack a suitcase? 5 practical tips”, I am sure it will be very useful.

When we go to travel we have a task that is not always so easy to do, pack a suitcase and most importantly, do it well…

It happens to many of us that we have difficulties so that the chosen suitcase, whatever its size, closes and that inside has everything necessary; It is not always a matter of saving, it is also our intention to have options (of clothes, accessories, products, etc.) as if we were at home.

As it is a somewhat complex task and we do not want you to stress before your business trip or your vacation to the beach, in this post we analyze the situation and give you some practical advice on how to pack a suitcase.

How to pack a suitcase?

We already know that packing a suitcase is not always an easy task, we must know how to choose what things we should take for the trip without missing or having too much.

Let’s be honest, we will always lack something and we always carry something else…

The issue of packing a suitcase requires strategic and precise work that considers a few issues and that we are going to summarize below, classifying them by topic with their respective advice…

How to pack a suitcase

1. Suitcase size

Choosing to carry a carry-on bag or a 23 or 25 kg bag has an impact on travel costs if the means of transportation is by plane; what one can save carrying a 10 kg suitcase can be quite a lot.

On the other hand, if we travel by public transport, it may be a little more flexible in the sense that there are no different prices for the size of your suitcase, but it is not that you can take so many suitcases, it also has a limit.

And if your idea is a car trip, the flexibility may be a lot or a little depending on the number of people traveling, the type of car and its interior space.

Considering the above, your first challenge when packing a suitcase is choosing the right one.

The first advice is that, if you travel by plane and your idea is to save on the cost of the flight, analyze whether by buying in advance you can narrow the price difference between traveling with a carry-on bag and traveling with a checked bag.

On special dates there are usually good offers and so you do not feel so much the expense of paying others.

If you travel by car, you may be lucky that the other people traveling with you do not want to carry so much and give you the chance to make your suitcase bigger, it is just a matter of coordination.

Likewise, evaluate how much of what you carry in a large suitcase you really need.

Be careful if you decide to travel with a hand luggage and by plane, consider that you cannot carry prohibited objects such as liquids of more than 100 ml, sharp objects, etc., check with your airline or airport.

How to pack a suitcase

2. What do I need to bring

This section is very subjective since there are people who have a long list of things they need for the trip and others simply get by with just enough.

In this aspect of how to pack a suitcase, try to be objective with the selection of clothes and objects that you are going to take, for this you must consider how long you are going to be traveling, the climate of the place, the reason for the trip if you are going to an event or just for a walk, etc.

If the weather is cold, it is very likely that your suitcase selection will be a large size since you can take warm shoes, at least two in case it rains and one gets wet, enough coats, clothes, etc., everything takes up a lot of space.

Tip, try to put together the outfits beforehand, so you control yourself a little in the number of garments that you are going to wear.

When you analyze the travel plan, it will be another point that can influence, for example, if you go to Europe as a tourist for a week and in the hot season, you do not need to carry a large suitcase, with light clothes and tennis shoes or comfortable shoes you will be right.

Add the plus of moving from one place to another with light suitcases, it is a pleasant choice and more than successful.

How to pack a suitcase

3. How to save space when packing

Well here we are going to summarize the result of the previous steps, it is assumed that you already have the selection of what you are going to wear.

From that selection, you can more or less imagine if everything is going to enter or not. If it’s a lot, don’t get discouraged or give up, it’s a matter of trying…

A good suggestion that helps the clothes not wrinkle is to make rolls, pants, sweaters, shirts, etc., there are very good tutorials on YouTube on how to do it.

That tips on how to pack a suitcase is very good to maximize space, you’ll see.

For shoes, tennis, slippers, etc., it is useful to place each one in a bag and arrange them on the sides of the suitcase as a kind of fence around the clothes and other objects.

The same as you do for shoes, do it with liquid products or electrical objects, which, prior to hermetic sealing, can be wrapped in the same clothing.

4. Secure liquid products, creams etc.

Use ziploc-type airtight bags, it will be very good to prevent your clothes from getting dirty with spills due to transfers; some can even completely ruin a garment for you.

Another good idea to avoid spills is to use pieces of plastic bags to prevent leaks in the jars of your products.

The technique is to remove the lid from the product, put the piece of plastic bag in the mouth of the jar and put the lid back on, so you block or seal better.

In this case, evaluate how necessary it is to carry this type of product, perhaps if it is a long trip and you travel with a checked bag, you can take them, but sometimes it is convenient to buy them at the destination.

In this sense, consider the destination and your times in the travel itinerary (for example, if you go with a tight schedule you will not have time to go shopping), check prices on the official supermarket websites, it can also help you decide.

5. Buy a luggage scale

It has happened to many of us that we arrived at the check-in and at the time of weighing the suitcase we went over the weight.

The problem at that moment is that you have little time to decide what to leave, who to leave what you decided not to take, how much money you need to pay for excess baggage, etc.

To avoid all that stress, the solution is to have a mini hand luggage scale. It is not an expensive product, it weighs very little and it will be a good investment that can even accompany you wherever you go.

Remember that they are 10 kg in hand luggage (except for some cases that can be 8 or 15 kg on some airlines) and 23 or 25 kg in checked bags.

Keep in mind that low cost airlines may not allow you to travel with checked bags, even if you want to pay.

Find out the cost of excess baggage and compare the prices in relation to carrying an extra suitcase, there are times when it is better to add a suitcase.

Finally, a necessary advice when it comes to knowing how to pack a suitcase is, if you are going to check a suitcase and it is a long trip, take an extra change of clothes with you for anything, it can happen that the suitcase gets lost, delays occur to arrive due to flight changes, etc. It’s better to prevent.

How to pack a suitcase

An extra tip of How to pack a suitcase, Do not forget Security

Take care of certain details when packing your suitcase, if you travel with a checked suitcase, avoid putting high-value products such as jewelry, money, electronics, etc., in some airports it may happen that your suitcase is opened.


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