Ir de Vienna and Hallstatt It is super simple because they only separate them 300 kilometers. There is also transport options for all budgets. So you will have no excuse to enjoy the beauty of one of the most beautiful places to see in Europe. Hallstatt is known for its crystal clear lake, its picturesque houses and its prehistoric past with a Celtic presence. We tell you how to get from Vienna to Hallstatt by train, bus or car. We even propose a day trip with transportation and a guide so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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1. Hallstatt Day Trip from Vienna

💰 Precio: 129€
⏱️ Duration of the trip: all day with guide and pick up at your hotel

To start with this post on how to go from Vienna to Hallstatt, we have to recommend this tour to explore one of the most charming towns in Austria. The tour starts at your Vienna hotelwhere you will be picked up by minibus and a guide that will accompany you during your journey through the beautiful roads of the Austrian Alps. Along the way, you can enjoy a beautiful view and take pictures, for example, of Lake Attersee.

Once in Hallstatt, you will have free time to explore the town and its most emblematic attractions. For example, you can visit the impressive alpine lake, the famous salt mine, Hallstatt Museum to learn about its Celtic past or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the Alps. In addition, you will have the option of taking a ferry ride across the lake and enjoying a different experience. However, you must be aware of the weather so that you can comply with your itinerary without unforeseen events.

Book the excursion to Hallstatt

The total duration of this tour is approximately 13 hourssince it begins at 07:30 and ends at 08:15 p.m. with the return to Vienna, disembarking next to the State Opera of the city. Regarding the price, you can reserve your place for €129. If you travel with children from 3 to 12 years old, the cost will be only €53. It may seem a bit expensive, but it is undoubtedly the most practical way to go from Vienna to Hallstatt and return on the same day. As we explain below, all public transport options involve various transfers that lengthen the trip by about 4 hours.

Essential guide for your return to Vienna

how to get from vienna to hallstatt
The most characteristic image of Hallstatt and its beautiful lake

2. Go from Vienna to Hallstatt by train + ferry, the cheapest option

💰 Price of the journey: from €20
⏱️ Duration of the trip: 3 – 4 hours with a change of train

There is no direct route from Vienna to Hallstatt by train.. You will have to do a change at the station Attnang-Puchheim. Start the trip in the vienna central station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) and take the high-speed train The rails that takes a few two hours to get to Attnang-Puchheim. There it changes to a regional train that will take you to Hallstatt in 1h20min approximately. The views on this route are beautiful, as you will pass through meadows with alpine lakes and forests. It is also likely that they will appear itineraries with change in Linz, it takes more or less the same 🙂

The ticket to go from Vienna to Hallstatt by train does not have a fixed price. It varies depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book. You can find promotional rates from €20although the most common price is around €40-€50.

Book train tickets to get to Hallstatt

Once at your destination, you will have to take a ferry for €3 to cross to the center. And it is that the Hallstatt train station is located on the other side of the lake that divides the city. When you arrive in Hallstatt, you can visit places like the 12th century Catholic Church, the Hallstatt Cemetery or just take a walk through its narrow streets and enjoy its calm and cozy atmosphere. Keep in mind that this journey can take up to 4 hours due to the change of train and transfer by ferry that complements the trip.

how to get from vienna to hallstatt
The typical alpine houses of Hallstatt are beautiful

3. Train + bus, ideal to visit Salzburg halfway

💰 Price of the journey: approximately €65
⏱️ Duration of the trip: 4 hours 30 minutes with a change of bus

It is important to know that there is no direct bus connection between Vienna and Hallstatt. First, you will need to take a train from Vienna to Salzburg, and then a bus from Salzburg to Hallstatt. the trip costs about €50 depending on the date and in advance with which you book. Therefore, it is a good option to stop for a day or two in Salzburg if you have time to get to know this other Austrian city before continuing on to Hallstatt.

Itinerary to see the best of Salzburg in one day

Once in Salzburg, you can take a bus to Hallstatt from the company mailbox. This last journey lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes and costs approximately €12, depending on the time and advance with which you book. An important aspect is that the buses are usually quite full during the high season, so we recommend you buy your tickets as soon as possible to ensure your seat.

4. Car, the best option to explore Austria

💰 Price of the journey: approximately €40
⏱️ Duration of the trip: 3 hours 20 minutes

To end this post on how to get from Vienna to Hallstatt, we cannot stop recommending you go by car. Especially if you prefer the freedom of going at your own pace, making stops along the way and getting to know other the best cities in Austria. The trip to Hallstatt is about 280 kilometers that are covered in about 3 hours and 20 minutes.

It starts with the A1 motorway, but the road becomes narrow and winding towards the end of the drive. So if you are not used to driving in similar conditions, you should exercise caution and pay attention to traffic signs. The approximate cost of fuel is €30, you can check it in detail in this trip planner.

🚗 It is essential to pay a vignette to drive on Austrian motorways. If you have rented a car in Austria you should not worry because it is included in the total price. But if you bring your own vehicle or have rented a vehicle in another country, it has a price of €9.90 for 10 days. Can buy it online a minimum of 18 days before entering Austria or at most gas stations near the borders with Austria.

In case you make the journey in winter, it is advisable to be equipped with chains in case there is snow on the road. If you plan to take this trip during the summer months, you may encounter quite a bit of traffic on the highway. So we advise you to leave early in the morning to avoid traffic jams and have more time to enjoy the city..

On the other hand, One of the most positive aspects of traveling by car is the possibility of carrying out your own itinerary and learning more about the country. So if you have extra time to explore, we leave you a list of 15 essential places to see in Austria during your trip.

how to get from vienna to hallstatt
Hallstatt’s idyllic central square looks like something out of a fairy tale


How long does it take to get from Vienna to Hallstatt?

It depends on the transport you choose. Here are the approximate travel times:

  • Train: 3 to 4 hours with one change in Attnang-Puchheim or Linz
  • Car: 3 hours 20 minutes
  • Bus: 4 hours 30 minutes

How to get from Vienna to Hallstatt fast?

The fastest way to get from Vienna to Hallstatt is by car. Especially due to the ferry transfer that complements the train trip and can take up to 4 hours. Instead, if you take a direct trip, you will find yourself in Hallstatt in just over three hours by car.

How much does it cost to get from Vienna to Hallstatt?

This was from the transport you choose and from when you book your tickets. For reference, here are the approximate prices:

  • Train: from €20 with a change in Attnang-Puchheim
  • Car: approximately €40 (gasoline + vignette)
  • Train + bus: €65 approximately

What is the cheapest way to get from Vienna to Hallstatt?

The train is usually the cheapest option to get from Vienna to Hallstatt. However, traveling by car can be another very good option, although in this case you must add the cost of fuel.


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