Going from Barcelona to Mallorca is super simple. Both the city of Barcelona and the largest island of the Balearic Islands are essential places to see in Spain. They are only separated by 207 kilometers, but the Mediterranean Sea in between limits the possibilities of transportation. But do not worry! There are a lot of departures daily by boat and plane to cover the journey. we tell you all transport options to go from Barcelona to Mallorca or vice versawith their corresponding pros and cons.


1. Go from Barcelona to Mallorca by boat

You should know that Mallorca has two ports where ferries arrive: Palma de Mallorca, in the extreme south of the island; and Alcúdia, in the extreme north. Keep this in mind when choosing the one closest to your final destination (or the start of your route around the island). The boat trip from Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca lasts 7 hourswhile the crossing to Alcúdia lasts 5h 30min.

Trasmed is the company with the most frequencies. You can check timetables and book your ticket online. The prices vary according to the departure date and promotions, but in general they seem quite cheap. To give you an idea, two passengers with a car can go and return for €120. You can choose between traveling in a seat or a cabin to rest better and with more privacy. In case you can’t sleep, everyone the boats have wifi to keep you entertained.

With this same company you can also book ferries de Barcelona a Italia: Sardinia or Civitavecchia, right next to Rome. To keep in mind if you are one of those tireless travelers like us, who has not finished a trip and is already thinking about the next one 😂

The main advantage of traveling by ship is that you can take your vehicle on board. In this way, you will be able to move freely around Mallorca and you will save good money on renting a car, something essential to get to know the beautiful corners of the island. Taking your car you can also not worry about luggage limits.

The ferry is also a excellent option if you travel with your pet, since the Trasmed boats accept animals. And of course, the furry ones go much calmer than on a plane.

how to go from Barcelona to Majorca
The Palma de Mallorca cathedral, where one of the ports to arrive from Barcelona is located

2. Travel to Mallorca by plane

Do you travel without a vehicle and prioritize speed? Then the plane is your best option to go from Barcelona to Mallorca. The flight only lasts 45 minutes, you won’t even notice and you will have already landed in Palma de Mallorca! To this time you must add a half an hour to get to Barcelona airport from the center and a couple of hours of waiting before boarding the plane. There are three airlines to choose from: Vueling, Ryanair and Air Europa.

Book cheap flights from Barcelona to Palma

Booking a few weeks in advance, you can find plane tickets to Mallorca from only €12 each way. Please note that these fees they do not include carry-on or checked baggage or choice of seat. So you will probably end up paying around €40 at least.

During the summer months, there are also direct flights to Palma de Mallorca from Reus airport. A good alternative to avoid having to travel to Barcelona if you are in the southern part of Catalonia.

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