My camera and I present… This is how Alan’s videos around the World began a few years ago, and when traveling alone, one of the best travel companions is precisely that: a camera.

One of the most frequent questions from travelers who follow Alan’s YouTube channel around the world is about his work team, especially what he uses to record his videos.

Over the years we’ve tried to find cameras that improve image quality, but also make it easier to take on an adventure. When mirrorless options hit the market, they opened up opportunities in portability and the latest in technology. After testing several models, an improvement came from Canon: full frame mirrorless.

Without hesitation, the main filmmaker joined Canon EOS R5which has been a great surprise with the reliability provided by the lenses of the brand and a compact body (relative to the most powerful DSLRs) but very powerful.

Next, we share the advantages that we have observed of this camera:

  • It has compartments for two memories, which allows you to have more storage space at hand. Very important in content creation.
  • It is sealed against weather, moisture and dust.
  • Video recording in 8k (not yet widely used) and in 4k, all this with a unique brightness that allows you to take video in low light conditions.
  • It has an image stabilizer and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections that allow you to send photos and videos to your cell phone, ideal for immediate sharing on social networks!
  • Profiles can be customized to save the configuration of the work we are doing.
  • Last but not least, its 44.8 megapixels are a plus to get the best photos.

If we had to put a disadvantage to this “airplane”, as we like to name it, it would be the price, which may seem high, but it is also necessary to clarify that this model is designed more for professionals or people who are very keen on their productions being very AWESOME.

#QuestionAXM What camera do you use on your trips?

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