Going from Vienna to Prague is a super common route for tourists visiting central Europe. These two cities are the most prominent what to see in Austria y Czech Republic, respectively. There are about 300 kilometers distance between both capitals. In case you have some 4 or more days, we recommend you visit both. They are beautiful and very different: One It is a great imperial city, while Prague It is small and very charming. We tell you the transport options to get from Vienna to Prague.

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1. Bus, the cheapest transport to get from Vienna to Prague

If you want to save a few euros during this trip, we recommend taking a bus. It is the cheapest option to get from Vienna to Prague. The journey lasts about 4 hours, although this may vary depending on the time you hit the road. The frequency of these buses is every 2 hours approximately, from 3:25 a.m. until 11:40 p.m. You have many options to go from Vienna to Prague or vice versa by bus.

There are tickets from €15.98 and it is necessary to reserve online. If you do it several weeks in advance, you are likely to find cheaper prices. Flixbus They have modern, comfortable buses that have WiFi on board so you can spend the trip at ease.

direct buses depart from Vienna Erdberg station. To get there from the center you must take the metro line U3 and get off at the Erdberg stop, it is about 15 minutes away. When you arrive in Prague, you can choose to get off at two different stops depending on the location of your hotel: ÚAN Florenc o in Prague hl. n. Both are close to the historic center of Prague and well connected by public transport.

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Going from Vienna to Prague to enjoy these views is very simple

2. Going from Vienna to Prague by train, a good alternative

The train is a fairly common alternative to go from Vienna to Prague and in general to move around Europe. The trip lasts around 4 hours, the same as by bus. The difference is that There are not as many frequencies and the tickets are usually more expensive. The first direct train leaves at 5:39 a.m. and the last at 10:10 p.m. There are departures approximately every hour.

There are rates from 15 until 94. With luck, you can get a ticket to go from Vienna to Prague for €15. It is essential book online. When you buy your ticket choose a direct train, options with transfers also appear in the search engine and the journey will be longer. On the other hand, if you buy the ticket at the ticket office they will charge you the most expensive fare. You have two types of trains: Regiojet are cheaperwhile the ÖBB Railjet are more expensive.

Trains leave from Vienna central station, you can easily get there with the U1 metro line from the city center. Once in Prague, get off at the central station, Praha hl.n.

Tips to save money

✅ Get a card to save yourself from bad exchange rates and commissions from conventional banks. Tea We recommend using the Revolut card. Is free! We always We use it to travel and it represents a great saving.

✅ If you want cash Czech crowns for the trip, you can change money from home with a discount through Ria Currency Exchange. They have a great exchange rate and send your money home safely.

3. How to get from Vienna to Prague by car

Traveling on your own in a rental car allows you to have more freedom and go without schedules. In this case, there are trains and buses practically every hour, so It is not worth renting a vehicle just to get from Vienna to Prague.

But if you are doing a longer route through central Europe, then it will be convenient. The road trip lasts about 3 hours and 45 minutes.. Note that To drive through Austria you have to pay a vignette which costs €9.40 for 10 days. If you use a rental car, you must inform the company of your intention to cross borders because you may have to pay additional charges for that.

? Find the best price to rent a car through this comparator.

4. Plane, an unusual option

We leave you one last option to go from Vienna to Prague. Taking this journey is unusual, so for us it is not worth it. The flight only lasts 50 minutesso it may seem like a very quick way to get to Prague.

But the reality is that you must add the transfer time to the airport, a couple of hours waiting before boarding and the trip from Prague airport to the center once you land. In total it will take about 4 hours, so it ends up being the same time as going by train or bus. Plus, the plane is much more polluting!

You can find good prices by booking onlineeven if you buy them a few days in advance.

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go from vienna to praguego from vienna to prague
Going from Vienna to Prague by plane is not a good option due to its high price | GFDL


In short, and after analyzing the alternatives for go from Vienna to Prague, we believe that the bus is the best option. Basically because it is an economical option and with many frequencies.

Going from Vienna to Prague by train is also a good idea. The trip is a little more comfortable than by bus and is a great option if you get motion sickness on buses.

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If you are thinking about renting a car just to connect the two cities, we warn you that it is not worth it. But if you are traveling through Europe by road, driving from Vienna to Prague requires no science or effort. ¡Just remember to get the vignette to drive around Austria!

Finally, we would rule out the plane due to its high price compared to cheaper options such as the bus or train. In addition, there are alternatives that are just as fast, cheaper and much less polluting. It only makes sense if you land at Vienna airport and want to go directly to Prague without passing through the center of the Austrian capital.

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