Staying in Prague It is quite economical. The advantages are the low value of the Czech currency and the wide range of accommodation. Prague is one of the beautiful cities europe and also one of the most visited. The capital of the Czech Republic have a wonderful historic center on the banks of the Vltava River that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. We tell you The best areas and hotels to stay in Prague for all budgets.

Our hotel in Prague

On our visit to Prague, We stayed at Grandior Hotel Prague. We recommend it for its great quality-price ratio. In addition, it is a 5-minute walk from the center.

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1. Old Town (Staré Mesto), the best area to stay in Prague

One of the best areas Where to stay in Prague is Old Town for its comfort and historical value. Although we cannot fail to mention that it is also the most expensive area of ​​the city. From there you can reach the most beautiful places in Prague by taking a walk. In addition, you will find many shops and some of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Prague near your accommodation. Sleeping in Staré Mesto has many advantages!

In Ciudad Vieja there is also a wide range of apartments with more affordable prices than hotels. Of course, in summer prices rise and they don’t spare anyone. Most accommodations are located around the Old Town Square and the astronomical clock. It has a privileged location, that is why we believe it is the best area where to sleep in Prague.

Good hotels and apartments in the Old City:

Old Town is the best area to stay in Prague for…

✅ Sleep in a historic and beautiful area
✅ Explore the wide range of accommodations
❌ It is the most expensive area to stay in Prague

No matter what area you choose to sleep in Prague, you have to see a sunset from the Charles Bridge!

2. New Town (Nové Mesto), a great area to stay in Prague close to everything

Sleeping in the New Town of Prague is a fantastic alternative. Don’t believe what its name says, the neighborhood is not entirely new. In fact, this part of the city dates back to the 14th century! Although there are not so many tourist attractions, instead you have more facilities. Plus it’s not so saturated!

The location also remains convenient: a few steps from the Wenceslas Square, the commercial area of ​​Prague. In Nové Mesto you will be very close to the Dancing House of the famous American architect Frank Gehryprotagonist of one of the Prague curiosities.

The hotels are usually larger, cheaper and more comfortable than those in the Old City. Definitely, The New Town is an ideal area to stay in Prague. It’s still close to everything, but outside the main tourist area which is usually quite busy. Plus you will find better prices!

Some recommended hotels in Nové Mesto:

New Town is the best area to stay in Prague because…

✅ It is not so far from the tourist area
✅ Prices are cheaper
❌ There are not so many tourist attractions around

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3. Malá Strana, a very romantic place

Malá Strana has an advantage that is difficult to compete with. This located just across Charles Bridge, the most famous attraction in the city! Malá Strana is a good area to stay in Prague because it has several palaces, historical buildings and a lot of atmosphere.

The negative side is that There is less hotel offer than in the center of Prague. But it is not an impossible mission to find accommodation. This area is perfect for a couple’s getaway. The narrow cobblestone streets create a very romantic atmosphere, making Malá Strana one of the most picturesque areas of Prague.

This area is about a 10-minute walk from Old Town Square. In addition, it is the neighborhood where there are the most tourist attractions such as Bridge of Carloshe Prague Castle or the Strahov Monastery.

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Some hotels in Mala Strana:

Malá Strana is the best area to sleep in Prague if…

✅ Do you want to sleep next to the famous and charming Charles Bridge
✅ You prefer to have most of the tourist attractions very close to you
❌ There is little hotel offer

stay in Praguestay in Prague
The surroundings of the castle are a very romantic area to stay in Prague

4. Prague 2, near the station at affordable prices

The Prague 2 neighborhood is located near the train station and the New Town. It is a fairly quiet area, but there are still some shops. Sleeping here is a good idea if you want to save a lot of money, but the bad news is that it is far from the historic center, about 25 minutes walk. That is the reason why accommodations in Prague 2 have super low prices. Is a cheap area to stay in Prague.

You’ll find quite cheap hotels and apartments. Besides, If you plan to visit other cities like Budapest or Vienna, Being close to the train station will be very convenient for you.

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Some hotels in Prague 2:

Prague 2 is the best area to stay in Prague because…

✅ It is close to the train station and the New Town
✅ The accommodations are super cheap
❌ It is an area far from the historic center, 25 minutes walk

5. Prague 3, a very affordable neighborhood to stay in Prague

The Prague 3 neighborhood is very diverse: there are quiet areas and others dedicated to partying. If you are looking to get away from the city center, this is an ideal area to stay in Prague. The most striking thing about Prague 3 are its prices: There are hotels, hostels and apartments for €50 a night.

You will be 30 minutes walk from the city center or 15 minutes if you go by public transport. Is a smart option to stay in Prague if you move by rental car. Being away from the city center you will have easier parking and you will avoid having to endure traffic.

Recommended accommodations in Prague 3:

Prague 3 is the best area to sleep in Prague if…

✅ Are you looking for a cheap accommodation to sleep in Prague?
✅ You travel with a rental car
❌ It is 30 minutes on foot and 15 minutes by public transport from the center


Below, we will answer a few questions as a summary. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the cheapest neighborhood to stay in Prague?

If you are looking to save on your accommodation, we recommend staying in Prague 3. The prices are quite cheap compared to the other neighborhoods. The disadvantage is that Prague 3 is far from the centerabout 30 minutes on foot and 15 minutes by public transport.

Where to stay in Prague if it’s your first time in the city?

Are you visiting Prague for the first time? There is no better way to get to know this city than to stay in Ciudad Vieja. The neighborhood is beautiful and there are almost all the historical places of interest, restaurants and bars. Plus, you can walk everywhere because you have everything super close. Of course, we cannot fail to mention that It is the most expensive area to stay in Prague.

What is the most romantic area to stay in Prague?

Malá Strana is the perfect option if you want to travel to Prague as a couple. It is located right next to the Charles Bridge, one of the most famous places to see in Prague. The streets have a lovely atmosphere and are very picturesque. It is the ideal area where to stay in Prague for a getaway with your partner.

Where to sleep in Prague for one night?

If you have little time in the city, we recommend sleeping in Ciudad Nueva. The location is quite central and convenient. Tourist attractions are close to this area. In addition, it is very well connected to public transport and close to the train station. It is one of the best areas where to stay in Prague for travelers visiting the city for a short time.

Where to stay in Prague to party?

Do you want to party in Prague? Then you should sleep in Ciudad Viejathere you will find the best nightlife places on the streets Long, Michalska y Melantrichova. It is a central area with a good atmosphere. There are many restaurants and bars where you can party in Prague..

In Prague 3 there are also streets dedicated to parties and very well known among the locals. However, This area is far from the center and its nighttime charm.

In short, what is the best area to stay in Prague?

After analyzing the best areas where to stay in Prague, we chose New Town. It is very well located to go out and see the city and the cherry on the cake is the good prices of their accommodations. Ciudad Vieja is still very good, but it is quite expensive. So we prefer to sleep in Ciudad Nueva is super convenient because you have everything at your fingertips.


On this map you will find marked the best areas and hotels to stay in Prague. From green to orange, from most to least recommended, respectively.


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