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Since last February 29, 2024, the requirements to enter Canada changed, so some Mexicans must process a visa to travel to Canadian territory and at Alan por el Mundo we have created this guide on how to process it, answering the most frequent questions that They reach us at the Traveling Line service.

  • Do I need a visa or can I apply for an eTA? The Government of Canada has shared the following form in which, depending on your immigration situation, you will know if you need to process a visa or an eTA.

    However, any Mexican who wishes to travel to Canada by car, bus, train or boat, even on a cruise (even if they do not disembark) needs to apply for a visa.

Likewise, those people who do not have a valid (current) non-immigrant US visa, a Canadian visa that is less than 10 years old or that expired no more than 10 years ago, who are traveling by plane, are traveling as tourism (stopovers or transit apply) or who does not have another visa-exempt nationality, needs to process the visa.

  • How much does the visa cost? It costs 100 Canadian dollars, however, it can go up to 185 CAD depending on the traveler’s situation.
  • How many years is the visa valid? Normally, visitor visas are valid for 10 years and have multiple entries.
  • What do I need to process the visa?
    • A valid (current) passport.
    • Have good health.
    • Not have a criminal or immigration record.
    • Have sufficient family, work and financial ties in Mexico.
    • Have enough money to finance your stay in Canada, the amount varies depending on the traveler.

A valid health certificate from the Government of Canada may be required to demonstrate good health. On this page you will find where you can process it.

In turn, depending on the traveler, they may request a letter of invitation and On this page you will find everything that said letter must contain..

However, it is important to emphasize that the times stipulated on the previous page do not include the time it may take to submit biometric data.

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For tourism travelers it is necessary (mandatory):

  • A clear, color copy of your valid (current) passport or travel document that you will use to travel to Canada. That is, the page that shows your date of birth and country of origin, and any pages with stamps, visas or marks from countries you have previously traveled to.
  • If travelers are over 18 years of age, it is necessary to fill out and send to form IMM 5645.
  • If the travelers are minors (in Canada all minors under 18 years of age are considered this way) it is necessary to review this portal.
    Additionally, family members or the person who is completing the form for the minor You must send and fill out the IMM 5476 form.

Also, travelers can attach to their request optionally but recommended:

    • Your passports or visas from previous trips (used in the last 10 years to travel outside of Mexico).
    • Entry and exit stamps from past trips.
    • Study and/or work permits that indicate their duration outside the country.
    • Expired or current visas.
    • Travel itinerary, this must contain details of flights, hotel reservations and/or activities.
    • Account statements showing bank transactions for the last 6 months.
  • Where is the visa processed? The procedure is done online on this portal.

If travelers have a disability that prevents them from submitting their application online and/or travel with an identity or travel document issued in the name of a refugee, a stateless person or a non-citizen, it is possible to complete the procedure at the Embassy.

  • What to do after applying online?

It is important that you make an appointment for biometric data (taking photographs and fingerprints). At the moment it can only be done in Mexico City and Appointments are scheduled here.

  • Once the online process has been completed and the biometric data has been collected, it is essential to review the status of the visa in this portal. since in some cases the Government of Canada may request extra information to obtain the visa.
  • If the visa is approved, 2 emails will be received in the IRCC portal account (it is the portal where you processed the visa), one with the approval and the other with instructions so that it can be stamped in your passport.

Remember that you cannot travel to Canada until you have the visa stamped in your passport.

  • If your visa application is denied, you will receive an email in your IRCC account with the information and the reason why your application was not approved.


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