Camper in Iceland
Our camper next to one of the glaciers

If you want to know how to get around Iceland you should know that you have two options. The first is to rent a vehicle to travel independently, whether it is a camper so you can sleep inside, a car or a 4×4. The other option is to join a private tour, something that many tourists who do not dare to drive a 4×4 or a camper in Iceland.

I decided to tour Iceland in a camper, booking with the company Campervan Icelandwhich was a success for everything I explain in this post.

Camper IcelandCamper Iceland

We already said it in our Iceland guide and in the posts about what to see in Iceland y travel to Iceland for a week. If you decide to rent one camper one of the best tips for traveling around Iceland What we can give you is to book it as soon as possible since prices rise as the travel date approaches. The reason is very simple, and it is because rentalcar companies usually rent the cheapest cars first.

Our Camper Iceland camper

A camper or campervan (as it is also known) is a small van prepared to sleep in and with the capacity to store a small kitchen, table, chairs, packages, etc. Our camper Campervan Iceland It had heating, water and everything necessary to spend extraordinary days immersed in nature.

camper vancamper van
Our camper in Iceland

In the following video (watch from minute 18:23) I show you everything included inside our camper in Iceland.

The camper allows you not to commit to having to arrive at a certain time at a previously reserved accommodation and therefore visit more places in the same day than if you travel with a tourism agency.

Where to sleep in a camper in Iceland

Even if you rent one camper in Iceland and you can sleep inside it, you should know that going to a campsite or an authorized area since spending the night in vehicles, campers or motorhomes outside of these places is expressly prohibited. Campsites have the advantage of being able to shower there and basically charge the batteries of cameras and cell phones.

Camper and 4x4 in IcelandCamper and 4x4 in Iceland
Vehicles camped in Iceland

You should know that acquiring the Campin Card (costs €179) may be cheaper than paying for campsites one by one. The card includes a pass for two adults and four children per tent or caravan for 28 days at more than 40 campsites in Iceland. Here you can see a complete list of all campsites in Iceland.

Gas stations to refuel your camper in Iceland

Gas stations are plentiful, so you won’t have a problem when it comes to refueling. In all of them you pay with a credit card and it is self-service. You insert your credit card, mark the amount in crowns (ISK) and refuel your tank.

Camper in IcelandCamper in Iceland
Our camper in Iceland

They will only charge you for the number of liters refueled. In any case, one of the best tips for traveling to Iceland that I can give you is to always try to have a full tank for whatever may happen.

Where to buy food

Bonus supermarkets (the logo is a little pink pig) are the cheapest and are all over Iceland. Although the prices, I dare say, are almost double those in Spain, it will always be much cheaper than eating in restaurants.

Bonus SupermarketBonus Supermarket
Bonus Supermarket

We lived all week on pasta, rice and various sausage sandwiches that we prepared in our kitchen. camper in Iceland.

Campervan IcelandCampervan IcelandCampervan Iceland

Traveling with a camper in Iceland

The Ring Road, also called Route Number 1, is the only road on which you will practically have to drive to get to the best places to see in Iceland. It is very simple because it surrounds the entire country and there is no loss.

Ring Road, Route number 1 in IcelandRing Road, Route number 1 in Iceland
Ring Road, Route number 1 in Iceland

It has a length of almost 1,400 kilometers. This road connects most of the tourist attractions (including the main cities) and is almost entirely paved.

Secondary roads (with two digits) start from the Ring Road, most of which are dirt but in good condition. Then there are the roads that have triple digits, which are entirely gravel and on which we drive a few kilometers without problems. Finally, there are the roads that begin with F, which are the mountain roads (Fjall) that cross the interior of the country and on which only 4×4 vehicles can travel.

Camper in IcelandCamper in Iceland
Campervan Iceland

You can reach all the places in a car (which is cheaper) except some where, taking into account that they are more complicated tracks, you will have to join an excursion (guided tour) or rent a 4×4 (to go for free).

Travel insurance for traveling in a camper through Iceland

Before traveling to Iceland, do not forget to take out travel insurance, which is essential. They are usually inexpensive and can get you out of a bind. During our trip to Iceland you were insured with Mondo. At this link you can get a 5% discount for being a reader of

Campervan IcelandCampervan IcelandCampervan Iceland


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