Staying in Wanaka can be a headache, we must warn you that it will not be cheap. It happens a little like in Queenstown. Wanaka It is a small town with barely 50 accommodations, so we advise you to book in advance. Of course, it was one of the destinations that surprised us the most on our trip to New Zealand. It is at the foot of the Mount Aspiring National Park, You will not be indifferent. We tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Wanaka and we leave you 25 things to do in Wanaka so that you have a great time.

Our hotel in Wanaka

During our stay in Wanaka we stayed at the West Meadows of Wanaka. It was a little far from the center, but you could walk there. In addition, it had free parking, something essential for us. It cost us about €180 per night.


1. In Wanaka it is not essential to sleep in the center

Despite being A small town, Wanaka is very touristy all year round. It is a popular area in summer and in winter for skiing. Due to its small size, we do not believe it is relevant to divide it into zones. Wherever you sleep, you won’t be far from the center. So the decision is easy, the problem is finding something affordable for your pocket.

It is very important to know that the center of Wanaka is not essential either. That is to say, You don’t have to visit the town itself, but the beauty is in its surroundings. So you are going to occupy the car no matter what. In the center of town is where accommodation is most plentiful and, therefore, where you will find the most offers. Even so, we advise you to go a little further away, so the prices will be somewhat lower. We chose a residential area in the upper part of the city and it was super quiet.

And if you sleep in Albert Townwhich is on the outskirts of the city, nothing happens either. It will take just 8 minutes by car to get close to Wanaka.

Wanaka from Mount Iron

2. Our accommodation recommendations in Wanaka

2.1. If you are looking for a cheap but good hotel

If your budget is low, you will have to consider visiting Wanaka. It’s complicated! As we said, it is a very popular area all year round. So there is little supply and a lot of demand, this means that prices are always high, especially in high season.

Like in Queenstown, if you have a budget 60-90€ per night, you’re going to have a hard time finding something. Maybe you should dedicate a little more than the budget you had planned. Even so, we have selected the 3 cheapest (and good) accommodations to stay in Wanaka. You should also consider that the cheaper the accommodation, the fewer amenities they will have.

2.2. If you are looking for a comfortable hotel with an excellent quality-price ratio

The three accommodations we mentioned above are fine if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom or sleeping in a cabin. But if you want to have something more comfortable, of quality and with more services, we present the following options. So if you have a budget between €90-€140 per night, these three accommodations are great value for money.

23. If you are looking for a special place to stay in Wanaka

The city is surrounded by impressive scenery, so it’s not a bad idea treat yourself to enjoy it even from your room. If you visit New Zealand during your honeymoon or simply want to take home a good souvenir of the city, We propose three ideal hotels to stay in Wanaka for a special occasion. Just in case you do have a big budget for Wanaka!


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