Given the current economic situation, and of course with the great competition that exists in the labor market, it is essential to try to get your first job as soon as possiblesince it will not only open the doors to a better life, but also the opportunity to have various benefits that will be of great help to you in your daily life.

Tips to Get Your First Job

Of course, getting your first job in general is not an easy task, however, these tips will be of great help so that you know how to get a job in companies in Mexico in an easier, simpler and faster way.

Search Job Online

Today there are hundreds of portals where you can look for work without the need to leave home, although of course it is very important that you pay close attention to the fact that they are recognized and quality sites, as well as that the offers you apply for are credible so as not to fall into any fraud.

The good thing is that the most prestigious recruitment portals have various filters and advice so that this does not happen, or happens very little.

Look for a job like in the old days

Another way to make your way in the job search is consulting the newspaperor by going directly to the companies you want to apply to.

And whether to search for work online, or in the traditional way, it is very important to download a job application since it is an essential requirement whatever job you are looking for.

The good news is that you will already have it in digital format to send it to where you apply, and if you need it to deliver it physically you can print it at home, or anywhere else, at a very low cost and in a matter of seconds.

Just try to always be very frank in your knowledge and in everything that is asked of you.

Ten Un Excellent Curriculum Vitae

Ten Un Excellent Curriculum Vitae

Even if it’s your first time looking for a job it is essential that you have an impeccable curriculum vitaeand it is not that you have thousands of knowledge, but that it is as complete as possible.

Fortunately, there are many sites online where you can download the necessary format, and of course advice about what you should put on your resume and what not.

if constant

It is very common for companies to want a 22-year-old graduate to have 10 years of experience, and although the above is more of a joke, there is never a shortage of companies that want it that way.

Because of this and other factors, it is sometimes difficult to get a first job, but you must always be constantsince perseverance is the key to finding a job and thus opening the doors to a world of work that you will undoubtedly love.

Open Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a social network that is oriented for business, business and employment use.

In this case we suggest you open your profile in LinkedIn and share all your knowledge, in this way, the recruiters will see you as more professional and you will have more opportunities to get your first job.

LinkedIn is very secure, so feel free to share everything you know.

Take Free Courses

Take Free Courses

Lastly, before, during, or after getting a job always update yourself since the world of work is very foughtand for this you can take countless courses in your area online completely free.

Even many of these free courses are certified and you will receive proof of them, such as those of the UNAM, the National Polytechnic, and other highly prestigious institutions.

So all that remains is to wish you the best of luck in your search for your first job.will undoubtedly be a search full of great experiences.


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