Gifts for mom Where to take her?” is the post you were waiting for with a list of good ideas for next May 10, Mother’s Day.

Moms always deserve the best, celebrating and paying tribute to them on their day is a detail that will make them happy, in addition, they will have a heart full of beautiful memories that they will surely treasure for a lifetime…

Therefore, do not leave the choice of that beautiful gift for mom until the last moment, there are many options, the theme here is to find that gift that is magical and special, as if it were made and thought only for her.

Dare to the challenge of personalizing your choice and choose that gift that your mom will never forget…

Gifts for Mother’s day

When choosing among so many gift options for mom, many of us see it as a difficult task considering that, to find the right one, we need a very good prior investigation of mom’s tastes.

There are many types of mom, there are the calm and the most restless, the romantic, the youngest, the not so young, those with an adventurous spirit, the most traditional, those who like home and cooking, others are those who they run away from him, business moms, full-time moms, and the list goes on and on…

With all these mom classes, we realize that we need to pay a little attention to our mom’s tastes and it will be easier to avoid mistakes like buying a very expensive silver ring and your mom being allergic or buying some tickets to a concert. classical music when your mom likes rock…

They are extreme examples, I know, but it is a graphic way for you to consider the importance of a good gift for Mother’s Day.

gifts for mom

Some of the best gift options for Mom are:

Travel to a beautiful destination in Mexico

A trip is an alternative gift for mom that is highly recommended for moms with grown children who can stay with their dad for a couple of days and that helps mom enjoy a few days off as she deserves.

We know that in Mexico there are hundreds of incredible alternatives and you will surely find the right place for your mother’s profile…

The proposals for beaches in Mexico are magnificent, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are among the top places for a nice gift on this Mother’s Day, also the beaches of Los Cabos, the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta have their charm. You can consult for packages with flight and hotel to that favorite place of mom.

She also considers that there are mothers who prefer the cold, perhaps for them it is a good plan to have a trip at the end of the year to a beautiful place like Chihuahua, the ride in the Chepe and the snow will be perfect for her; In addition, she will have time to prepare for the trip without haste and enjoy what she likes.

For those moms who enjoy short trips, the best proposal may be a Magical Town, it depends on where your mom is, you choose the one that may interest her the most. Keep in mind that in our blog there are several ideas such as magical towns in Oaxaca, in Morelos, in Yucatan, etc.

If you don’t decide, you can contact the advisors at 8004440618 or on the website and they will surely help you find the right place for mom.

gifts for mom

Ideal hotels for Mom

Among so many gifts for Mother’s Day you can choose a stay of x number of days in a nice hotel that suits your mommy’s taste; In this case, it could be in a special destination or, if the economy doesn’t cooperate, think of a nice hotel in the place where she lives.

Some examples may be, if we are talking about a mother who finds it difficult to separate from her children and prefers a family trip, we recommend hotels like the Hotel Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort and Spa, which has a children’s club to leave the smallest members of the household and an adults-only section at the TRS Coral Hotel, with a spa where mom can pamper herself and enjoy.

Another idea is a hotel in Bacalar like the Akal Ki Centro Holístico Hotel, ideal for moms who like to meditate and rest in a quiet environment surrounded by nature.

If mom can’t go on a trip, you can look for a hotel where she lives and that has special services such as a spa, room service, jacuzzi, pool with beautiful views, etc.; You have options like the JW Marriott Hotel México City Santa Fe in Mexico City, the Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara in the beautiful city of Tapatía or, if you live in Monterrey, the Hotel Quinta Real Monterrey is a dream.

If you like religious tourism, Puebla is a highly recommended destination, and a plus is staying in a hacienda-type hotel like the Hotel Misión Grand Ex-Hacienda de Chautla, you will love it.

Hotel Sierra Lago Exclusive Mountain Resort and Spa is another very good recommendation.

There is a huge list of incredible hotels, whether in a big city or a smaller one, just enter the destination in the hotels section of the official website of

Amazing tours and activities to give away on Mother’s Day

A good idea to celebrate mom is that she can do some activity that she likes and that she cannot do with her chicks or would not enjoy it in the same way as if she did it alone or in the company of other adults.

Here, for example, we have the balloon flight tours that take place in different parts of Mexico such as León Guanajuato or Teotihuacán, with beautiful views from above, a fascinating experience.

Another good proposal could be a Tour to Nevado de Toluca, an activity that is surely more enjoyable doing it individually, a little bed to challenge physical conditions and connect with an impressive natural environment.

The Huasteca Potosina Circuit Three Days or more is a very good plan and although mom can go with the children, it is better that she live the experience alone or with friends and enjoy more.

For moms who love the sea, they will love the Snorkel Tour at Pelican Rock Cabo San Lucas and they can add to this list of activities that can be very good gifts for mom options such as: Extreme Activities Tour in Puerto Vallarta, Archaeological Zone of Toniná, Tule Tree Tour, Hierve el Agua, Mitla and Teotitlán del Valle, Rafting on the Tampaón River, etc.

All this list is a minimum percentage of all the beautiful places that mom can visit and enjoy this coming Mother’s Day in Mexico; she thinks that it is not an expense but an investment in the happiness of that special person, the little payments from México Destino can help.

gifts for mom


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