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Today is World Theater Day, an event that has been commemorated since 1961 and aims to publicize what theater represents for culture worldwide.

The best way to celebrate it is by watching a play, so we give you our recommendations to commemorate it, either today or in the coming days, taking advantage of the fact that it is a holiday.

Doubt, a parable

After learning of a suspicious private encounter that Father Flynn (Araiza) had with one of his altar boys at St. Nicholas School, Sister Alloysus (Dib) begins to have strong suspicions about a shady and indecent relationship between them. This idea begins to gain more and more strength, leading her and everyone involved to strong consequences where each one begins to doubt all the concepts that supported her world.

Cast: Emma Dib, Antón Araiza, Conchi León and Ana Guzmán Quintero. Cello: Belén Ruiz Guerrero

It is presented every Monday at 11:30 p.m. at the Shakespeare Forum, until June 10.

Right from the start

The work that won the Metro Award for Best Comedy in 2023, Desde Cero, an improvised musical, returns with a new season every Monday at 8:45pm at the Milan Theater.

Each night, the audience will participate in the creation of a unique musical, from start to finish. Directed by Angélica Rogel, great talents of musical theater and improvisation, Jerry Velázquez, Denisha, Daniel García, Karla Morales, José Luis Saldaña, Paloma Cordero, Rubén Branco, Mauricio Hernández, Rodolfo Zarco, Leo Bono and Caro Vélez (alternating roles ), and a live band ready for anything, Miguel Haller, David Federico Suzawa, Juan Manuel Torreblanca, Daniel Mena and Dago, come together to create a musical in front of the public… from scratch.

After a successful season at the Ramiro Jiménez Theater, where more than 30 unique musicals were created every night, Desde Cero, an improvised musical, received the Metro Award for Best Comedy 2023, and the Awards for Best Supporting Performance in a Play, female and male, for Karla Morales and Jerry Velázquez.


In 2023, Smiley, by Guillen Clua, had a successful season at La Teatrería, and that is why the comedy is back in 2024 with Martín Barba and Sergio Velasco, starting Thursday, March 14 at 8:30 pm until the 11 of April.

Álex and Bruno, the two protagonists of this romantic comedy, couldn’t be more different. They make up a strange couple in which they only have in common that they are two men and that they have fallen in love. Their differences seem insurmountable, and their personalities antagonistic, but whether they want it or not, they are united by that red thread, no matter how much they often want to break it.

The play is known, since there was a very successful series on Netflix, however, very few know that it was first a play, and we have it back in Mexico!

Seven Times Goodbye

Siete Veces Adiós is the story of “He” and “She”, a couple on the brink of their seven-year crisis who takes advantage of the moment to rethink the course of their relationship and their lives. Around them is a group of artists who, inspired by the couple, will create songs of love, heartbreak and hope to accompany this and all love stories. The bridge that unites both universes is “Lamore”, the personification of love itself and narrator of the work.

List: Andrew Palacios, Erika de la Rosa and Valeria Vera as LAMORE.

Seven Times Goodbye, Him and Her, is presented:

Friday: 21:00 hrs.

Saturday: 17:00 y 20:30 hrs

Domingo: 17:00 hrs

Seven Times Goodbye Him and Him

It is the story of “He” and “Him”, a couple on the verge of the seven-year crisis who takes advantage of the moment to rethink the course of their relationship and their life. Around them is a group of artists who, inspired by the couple, will create songs of love, heartbreak and hope to accompany this and all love stories. The bridge that unites both universes is “Lamore”, the personification of love itself and narrators of the work.

Jesús Zavala and Martín Saracho dress as the protagonists of the new season of Siete Veces Adiós, Him and Him, accompanied by Mónica Huarte as “Lamore”, the very personification of love that narrates the story and unites the two universes that exist in it .

Siete Veces Adiós, Him and Him, will be presented every Thursday at the Nuevo Teatro Ramiro Jiménez at 8:45pm.

MMF: Love, attachment, desire, and people who don’t understand the difference

After almost two years of being together, the polyamorous relationship of Daniel (Solkin Ruz), Julia (Fernanda Mijares-Bracho) and Miguel (Axel Arenas) comes to an end, forcing them to face the consequences of a non-traditional relationship. Anyone who has gone through a crush could recognize themselves in this work that explores love, desire, attachment… and people who don’t understand the difference. MMF is the beautiful and unfortunate story of non-assertive communication in a romantic relationship.

The problem will never be that there are 3, 4, 5 or 2 people, but rather how they communicate. Neither love nor “unfiltered honesty” are enough to maintain a relationship. We should talk about needs, desires, insecurities, fears, limits, agreements, mental, emotional, and sexual health. Embrace the field of emotional responsibility in a relationship.

What Julia, Miguel and Daniel lack is not to love deeply and madly, but to love ethically. That is the very powerful detail that supports all this fiction, so finely written, that it will lead us to feel identified in this sea of ​​emotions, beautiful unknown or not unknown that love can be.

It is presented on Thursdays at 8:30pm at the Lucerna Forum.

The process

Text by Paula Guida, introduces us to Leo, a young director, who is trying to find his place in the world of theater without much success. But everything changes when he receives a grant and the possibility of premiering in a large theater.

Roberto, a young and excited beginner actor, Sara, an actress who has never made it big, and Fran, an already established figure, will be chosen to launch the project. But the process will not be easy, very different stages and experiences and old wounds will unleash chaos along the way.

Directed by Eduardo Córdoba

Cast: Alexis de Anda* and Angie Bauter*, Alonso Iñiguez and Aldo Guerra*, Antonio Alcántara* and Juan Ríos Cantú (alternating roles) and Jhans Rico.

*Alternating functions

Every Friday from March 8 to June 7 with two performances at 8:00pm and 9:30pm at La Teatreria.

The Golden Fish

It is a drama that explores the complexities of the relationship between destiny, luck and skill, both in the world of poker and in life itself. The plot unfolds around three friends, Mauricio, Alejandro and José Antonio, who despite the disparate paths that life has outlined for each of them, have managed to forge a brotherhood beyond the circumstances that have shaped them. Tonight, they gather to host a poker game that promises to change the course of their lives.

The night takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of a surprise guest: A Goldfish. This unusual participant not only alters the dynamics of the game, but becomes the catalyst that triggers tension, emotion and a series of revealing events, evidencing how luck, decisions and skill can influence destiny in unexpected ways.

Playwrights by Santiago Gonzalez, Miguel Perez Cuesta and Andrea Rocha and direction by Santiago Gonzalez.

It has a great cast, Rubén Enriquez, Andrea de Fátima, Bruno Fuentes, Julio Herrera, Diego Klein, José Manuel Lechuga, Annesy Lozano, Enrique Montaño, José Jaime Orozco.

They will be presented starting March 20, on Wednesdays at the Milan Theater at 8:45pm for 12 weeks.


Two sisters, Alba and Maga, look for a way to throw those words in their faces that their bodies have not yet said. Alba and Maga, who have loved each other through resentment for years, do not need to come to blows to hurt each other. Language is enough for them. A surgical and stark language, of a strange lyrical intensity, which they wield like a weapon to express their desire for revenge: «Do you realize what we have come to?, Alba asks Maga. Let the word sister tear your lips. And later, Maga nails her response: “If I destroy your language I destroy you, if I destroy your language I destroy your world.” It is an agile, dynamic and hard story, an immense conflict between two sisters. A moment of reproach and love.

The protagonists of this story, two Spanish actresses who will bring this performance to life are Alba Messa and Maga Díaz, on Wednesdays at the Shakespeare Forum starting April 17.


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