Staying in Stuttgart is quite expensive. In fact, for a few years now it has been the most expensive city in Germany to live in. And also one of the most expensive for tourism, since the hotels are not much cheaper. Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in the country and quite a tourist destination due to its proximity to the beautiful Black forest. We didn’t think it was the most beautiful city in Germany, although there are very cool places in its surroundings. In this post we tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Stuttgart. We also propose 25 things to see and do in Stuttgart.

Our hotel in Stuttgart

During our stay in Stuttgart we slept one night in the Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart and we recommend it for its good quality-price ratio.

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1. Stuttgart Mitte, the most practical area to stay in Stuttgart

Stuttgart-Mitte is the historical center of the city. Inside you will find the Stuttgart’s main attractionsespecially the beautiful Castle Square with the New Palace in Stuttgart. But also its main museums or the commercial avenue Königstrassewhere you can spend hours entertaining yourself in its shop windows.

It is clear that we did not find the historic center of Stuttgart the most beautiful in Germany, but it did It is the most attractive thing in the city next to the automobile museums located on the outskirts. So if you want to be in the center of tourist activity, you should sleep in this area. It is very easy to get from one place to another by walking. The tourist area of ​​Stuttgart is not very large and can be visited in a few hours. You will only be 20 minutes by public transport from the Mercedes-Benz museum and just 10 minutes by train from the Porsche museum.

Besides It is the most lively area to sleep in Stuttgart, both day and night. So if you plan to go out to party or just have dinner and drinks, it is the most convenient area where to stay in Stuttgart.

The main train station is also located in Mitte.. So, if you plan to get to Stuttgart by train from Frankfurt or another city, you will most likely arrive there. There is plenty of hotel options around the station.

Of course, you must keep in mind that if already sleeping in Stuttgart is expensive, the prices of staying in the Mitte are not cheap at all. It is almost impossible to sleep for less than €120 per night, even in low season. But don’t worry, if you want to save, you will surely find something in the areas we will mention below.

Best hotels in Stuttgart-Mitte:

Suttgart-Mitte is the best area to stay in Stuttgart for…

✅ Be close to its main attractions
✅ Go out and enjoy the city’s leisure
❌ It is the most expensive area

The New Palace of Stuttgart, one of the main attractions

2. Bad Cannstatt, a very smart alternative to where to sleep in Stuttgart

Bad Cannstatt is one of the most interesting areas where to stay in Stuttgart. Because? Because although on the map it seems that it is a little far from the center and its attractions, it really is not. It is also located right next to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, which was what we liked most about Stuttgart. Its visit is essential and if you sleep in this neighborhood you can even walk there.

We also believe that it is the best area to stay in Stuttgart if you like football. There is the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the city team plays. We always like to watch sporting events when we travel.

Bad Cannstatt is located just 20 minutes by train from the center. The best thing is to get the one-day pass, which for €5 you can take as many trips as you want during the day. But the most interesting thing is the good value for money of its hotels. They are not cheap, but for a slightly lower price than in the center, you have a much more modern and beautiful hotel. Without a doubt, a very smart area where to sleep in Stuttgart.

And if you are looking to relax, Bad Cannstatt is your ideal area. In the neighborhood there is the second largest natural spring on the continent: MineralBad Springs. Relaxing in its mineral springs after a day of sightseeing is a luxury plan.

Good accommodations in Bad Cannstatt:

Bad Cannstatt is the best area to stay in Stuttgart if…

✅ Do you want to sleep near the Mercedes-Benz Museum
✅ Are you looking for a hotel with better quality-price ratio?
❌ It is 20 minutes from the center

stay in Stuttgartstay in Stuttgart
The Mercedes-Benz Museum

3. Stuttgart-Ost, a quiet alternative

If you are looking for tranquility without being far from the center, Stuttgart-Ost can be a good alternative. It is located to the east of Mitte and although it is a less touristy area, there are some hotels, ideal for those who want to sleep cheaply.

At the level of attractions you can enjoy the fun Pig Museum. But without any doubt, The main advantage of staying in Stuttgart-Ost is the price. There you will find some of the cheapest hotels in the city, especially apartments.

If you like walking, you will reach the center in just over half an hour. And if not, you can always opt for public transport, which will only take you 15 minutes to reach the heart of Stuttgart.

Our recommendations in Stuttgart-Ost:

Suttgart-Ost is the best area to stay in Stuttgart for…

✅ Cheap sleep in Stuttgart
✅ It is a quiet area, 15 minutes from the center
❌ There are not many tourist attractions

4. Stuttgart-West, an ideal area for the youngest

In the western part of the city is the University of Stuttgart. So in general, it is an area with a lot of student presence. That’s why you will find many bars, restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Stuttgart and facilities, especially at fairly cheap prices. Thus, if you are looking to save on accommodation, it is also a good area to look for a hotel.

Apart from the University of Stuttgart, in this part we visit the beautiful John’s Church. It’s amazing to see how it reflects in the lake! It is an area that is very well connected to the center of Stuttgart, although it is also easy to get there on foot. There are also several green spaces, ideal if you are traveling with your family. Without a doubt, a very interesting area where to stay in Stuttgart.

Best hotels in Stuttgart-West:

Suttgart-West is the best area to stay in Stuttgart for…

✅ Families and young people
✅ Find cheaper hotels in a well-connected area

Johanneskirche StuttgartJohanneskirche Stuttgart
Johanneskirche, one of the most beautiful churches in Stuttgart


Below we will briefly answer a few questions as a summary to try to resolve any questions quickly.

What is the cheapest area to stay in Stuttgart?

If you are looking to save, the cheapest area to sleep in Stuttgart is Stuttgart-Ost. There you will find some of the cheapest hotels in the city.

What is the best area to stay in Stuttgart for partying?

If you want to party in Stuttgart, the Mitte district It is also the center of the city’s nightlife. Especially, the area around Bean quarters. You won’t miss out on fun!

What is the best area to stay in Stuttgart for families?

Stuttgart-West, without a doubt. First, because it offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Likewise, it has large green spaces to go out and play with the little ones and is relatively close to the center. Without being so boisterous!


In the following map you can see marked the best areas and hotels to sleep in Stuttgart.


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