This is the question I like to answer the most because I have been traveling with Paco, my wonderful dog, for 11 years and I think I have the answer.

Paco came into my life to open all the doors, all the paths and he is precisely the one with whom I decided to travel the world, I have found the perfect company in a very small body.

Our first trip was to the mountains, the second to the sea, and then we crossed an entire ocean.

We have done everything, we have gone to small towns, we have traveled by road, train, plane, boat, and every day by bike to the supermarket.

We have seen bears, wolves, and wonderful birds that are part of this wonderful world.

We walked through Central Park, along paths next to the Pacific the north of Spain and the south of France.

One day we were in the Cíes Islands and another day in Seville. One day we woke up in one country and woke up in another, traveling in time, traveling south and north.

We have done everything that I never imagined would be possible with a woman’s body and a tiny body with 4 legs.

Always with a giant backpack on our backs. Always with a path ahead. And I couldn’t imagine a world like this without Paco’s company.

It has been the most difficult thing I am doing in my life, it has been very complicated to be able to do all this with him, work to get money, travel with my mind everywhere, depressed, anxious, very afraid.

It is very difficult to travel the world and life at the same time, but I have seen countless sunsets in many corners of the world with him and seeing my life from there, seeing those colors that are painted in the sky next to Paco, is something that I will always thank life and something that I will always want to live.

Paco has given me simplicity, light, always light, the encouragement to get out of bed and drink coffee to continue putting my feet on the world, Paco has given me a world. A world that I would not have been able to know from my usual place.

I’m not going to tell you that you do them too, because that has to be thought about alone, that has to be thought about with a lot of love and with a lot of fear.

But now, Paco and I are here, he is 13 years old, and I am almost 30. We live on an island next to the sea.

We were both young when all this started, time has passed, I don’t know how much time we have left together, but remembering, going back, is beautiful and fills me with life to know that we share our light in many corners of the world.

“Here life continues the same and monotonous on the surface, and full of flashes, peaks and despair in the depths. We have reached a state of our life so rich in new and intransmissible apprehensions to other ages, and we feel filled with so much sweetness and so much despair at the same time… the enigma of this life grows and grows, submerges us and crushes us and then, Suddenly and in the midst of a supreme light, let us become aware of the sacred.”

There is Sarton.


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