Staying in Lucerne allows you to get to know the city and its beautiful surroundings. We recommend a minimum of one night to discover its historic center and go to the Pilatus and the Rigi. But first we must warn you that sleeping in Lucerne is expensivealthough not as much as Zurich o Ginebra. We tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Lucerne. Furthermore, we leave you 20 things to do in the city so you don’t miss anything.

Our hotel in Lucerne

During our one night stay in Lucerne we stayed at the Hotel Central Lucerne. Modern, practical and comfortable. We barely had to walk two minutes from the train station. 100% recommended for its quality-price ratio

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1. Sleep in the historic center, the most beautiful area of ​​Lucerne

The Altstadt of Lucerne is the most attractive. It is located on the right bank of the Reuss River. Its quiet streets, its facades full of very interesting frescoes and its squares will envelop you in its charm. Plus, you’ll find plenty of shops to entertain you.

Lucerne is a small city. If you sleep in the historic center you don’t have to worry about transportation because You can walk everywhere. Of course, keep in mind that the Altstadt is pedestrian. So, if you transport in switzerland It’s the car, you’ll have to park it somewhere else.

On the other hand, and You travel by train, from the station to the historic center it will only take between 5 and 10 minutes to get there. This is a very safe area to stay in Lucerne. In general, Switzerland is a country where few crimes occur. And although you should always be attentive, there is no problem if you return to the hotel late.

Yes, the historic center It is the most expensive area to stay in Lucerne. Being the most touristy part, comfort is paid for. You won’t find a good hotel for less than €100 per night.

The best hotels in the historic center of Lucerne:

The historic center is the best area to stay in Lucerne because…

✅ It is the most beautiful and picturesque area to sleep in Lucerne
✅ It is close to the train station
❌ It is the most expensive neighborhood to stay in Lucerne

Kapellbrücke, the icon of Lucerne

2. Surroundings of the station, a smart area to stay in Lucerne

We prefer to sleep in this area basically because when traveling by train we wanted to be as close to the station as possible. It is located on the west bank of the Reuss River. And although it is not so pretty, It also houses attractions such as the Rosengart Gallery, the Jesuit Churchamong other things.

Overall it is a fairly quiet area to stay in Lucerne. Most tourists concentrate in the historic center of the city, so on the west side of the river it is quieter. You should not worry about security because it is a safe area. We recommend that you be attentive at the station (as in any other) because there may be pickpockets. Although this is more common in Interlaken.

If you go a little further away from the station, you will find very quiet residential neighborhoods where you can sleep in Lucerne. We recommend this area for several reasons. Hotels are cheaper and it is practical to get around because you will have the station closer.

Our recommendations near the station:

The area around the station is the best area to stay in Lucerne if…

✅ Are you looking for cheap accommodation in Lucerne
✅ You want to be close to the train station for convenience
❌ There are few attractions near the area

3. Kriens, an economical and ideal alternative to climb Pilatus

Climb Mount Pilatus It is an essential excursion from Lucerne. Getting there is easy by train or cable car.. If you choose the second option, it leaves Kriens. It is a small town located on the outskirts of Lucerne. The hotel offer is not very wide, but there are a few interesting accommodations.

Getting to Kriens from Lucerne is not complicated. You just have to take the train that It only takes 5 minutes from the central station. So if you find a hotel you like, it’s not a bad option!

Good accommodations in Kriens:

Kriens is the best area to stay in Lucerne for…

✅ Plan your visit to Mount Pilatus
✅ Stay in a location near Lucerne
❌ There is not much hotel offer

stay in Lucernestay in Lucerne
From Kriens up!

4. In a hotel with panoramic views of the Lake of the Four Cantons

If you want you Unforgettable stay in Lucernewe recommend looking for something with phenomenal views. Lake Lucerne is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. Especially because of the shape it has. From the heights you can see its curious “arms”. Are you looking for something special? We advise you to sleep in a hotel that has panoramic views of the lake.

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4.1. Villa Honegg

This incredible accommodation is located just 20 minutes drive from the city. There is no doubt that the hotel is very nice, but Its main attraction is the heated infinity pool overlooking the Lake of the Four Cantons. It will blow your mind! An accommodation with this landscape is difficult to beat and if you add to that the warm pool, it is another level.

stay in Lucernestay in Lucerne
A spectacular pool!

4.2. Bürgenstock Palace Hotel

Taking a vacation with these luxurious views is not something every day. This is another spectacular hotel with more affordable prices. It is located very close to Villa Honegg. Not only does it have beautiful rooms and a huge spa, but also a pool that will leave you speechless. If you search a special hotel to stay in Lucerne and surroundings, this is a great option. I’m sure you won’t forget it!

A special place to watch the sunset © Bürgenstock Hotels AG


Below we will solve some frequently asked questions to summarize What are the best areas and hotels to stay in Lucerne?. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the cheapest area to stay in Lucerne?

Sleeping around the station is the best way to save on your accommodation in Lucerne. You don’t have to worry about security because It is a quiet area. You should not trust yourself either, like anywhere in the world. In addition, it is a super practical alternative if your means of transport in switzerland It’s the train.

Best area to stay in Lucerne for special stays or honeymoons?

If you travel to Lucerne for a special occasion It is best to dedicate a little more budget to your stay and book a room in a hotel with a view. Lake Lucerne is enchanting and there are hotels with infinity pools that you won’t want to leave. The area is somewhat far from the cityBut is it worth it.

In short, what is the most recommended area to stay in Lucerne?

The best option where to stay in Lucerne It will depend a lot on your needs and budget. We slept near the station and it was decent, the advantage of sleeping there is that there are super cheap hotels. If you travel by train, it will be very convenient to sleep nearby to perfectly coordinate your itinerary. Besides, It’s not far from the center at all, so you can easily get there on foot.


On the map you can locate the best areas and hotels to sleep in Lucerne to make it easier to locate you.


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