Starting today, April 15, you can visit the Prado Museum’s collection for free through a new virtual tour in gigapixel quality, the museum announced through its social networks.

This new experience allows travelers to take a free tour of the museum in 360°, getting closer to the works to appreciate every detail of them in high quality.

You will be able to enjoy 10 thematic tours that, through a selection of works, explain the details of each one.

The virtual tour allows you to navigate freely in various ways; using a minimap, using the arrows in the 360° view that will guide you along a suggested itinerary, or in the panoramic thumbnails.

On this tour you can visit the ground, first and second floors, observe 89 works digitized in gigapixel, including 5 sculptures in 3D-Photo. You can also visit spaces such as the entrance hall, the Jeronimos Cloister, as well as corridors and stairs. Unfortunately, the rooms of the Basement Floor and the Dolphin’s Treasure were not included, due to time constraints.

Without a doubt, this new experience will allow travelers from all over the world to get to know the Prado Museum without having to travel so many kilometers, in addition to learning and discovering the works that are exhibited in the museum.

If you want to know more details about the virtual experience, visit the official page of the Prado Museum.


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