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Taking a road trip is always an adventure full of excitement. For everything to go as planned, it is important to decide which vehicle we are going to put on the asphalt. In this sense, motorhomes and campers are presented as the best options on the market. But how to choose the perfect model? In this post I show you some tips that will help you enjoy a dream vacation to the fullest, traveling kilometers and kilometers and in the most economical way.

Invest in a second-hand vehicle

As with second homes, many people choose to purchase a vehicle to travel on the road during their vacations instead of renting it. If you do not want this operation to be too expensive, it is best to buy a second-hand motorhome or camper in a specialized dealer since the prices are much cheaper and therefore you will make a better purchase.

While houses cost hundreds of thousands of euros, a second-hand motorhome usually costs around €50,000 (around €30,000 in the case of campers). If you make this purchase, you will decide year after year which places you want to visit during the holidays or, of course, any weekend. They are fully equipped houses on wheels and, thanks to this type of dealership, your pocket will not suffer too much.

Save the most with your purchase

Although what has been explained so far entails considerable savings compared to purchasing first-hand models, it is worth noting that if for any reason you get tired of the motorhome or camper in these dealerships it is possible sell my used motorhome or camper. No matter how much you think their value is residual, these types of companies provide fair and competitive appraisals to clients, so you won’t lose too much money when it comes to the initial investment.

choose motorhome tripchoose motorhome trip
Motorhomes and campers next to one of the best beaches in Huelva

So, if you have a motorhome or campervan and want to renew the vehicle, request a prior assessment. The best professionals will analyze every small detail and, once you reach an agreement, they will be in charge of executing the payment for said asset as quickly as possible.

Find the perfect model according to your needs

Keep in mind that not all motorhomes and camper vans are the same. The budget varies greatly depending on the brand chosen, with some of the best valued being Mercedes, Volkswagen or Fiat. Likewise, the equipment of the vehicles will also largely determine their price, as well as your vacation enjoyment.

Let’s remember that we are talking about homes with wheels and any motorhome you consider buying should have a kitchen, shower, bathroom, bed and, if possible, solar panels to optimize energy use. Also look at the year of manufacture and the mileage. The best models do not usually have approximately five years behind them. Check all this information with your dealer!

Head to the most beautiful destinations

Once you find the ideal model and have signed the purchase contract (it is said that if you finance it it will be even cheaper), the dealer will immediately give you the keys to the vehicle. That will be when you can get going and embark on amazing trips along the Spanish roads and enjoy the great landscapes of our country.

What’s more, it is not necessary to settle for Spain and you can travel to any European country such as Portugal or France, which are extremely beautiful and are also perfectly adapted to motorhome or camper tourism.

With the motorhome, your home will always go with you and in it you can feel free, sleep with your motorhome or camper in the authorized places, discover beautiful enclaves and go as far as you want. Adventure awaits you: get behind the wheel and start traveling the world.


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