Eating cheap in Geneva is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. Geneva is the fifth most expensive city in the world. So you will have to dedicate a little more budget when looking for cheap restaurants. where to eat in Geneva. However, after our visit to this beautiful city we tried some places with good and affordable food. In this post we tell you the 8 best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Geneva. Take note because they will be very helpful!

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1. Café Le Radar de Poche

Of all the restaurants where to eat cheap in Geneva, this was our favorite. First for the food they offer and then for the location. It is right next to the Bourg de Four Square, one of the most beautiful in Geneva. The place is not huge, but it has a really nice terrace with views of the square. Regarding the food, which is what we came for, the place is a clear example that you can eat cheaply in Geneva. The menu is not very varied, but all the dishes are delicious and with generous portions.

We ordered penne with pesto with burrata and another with bolognese. And they were both delicious! It is a place quite frequented by students. In the end it is one of the the only places where you can eat cheaply in Geneva. To give you a price reference, pasta dishes cost between 14CHF and 19CHF (€15 to €20). For Geneva, it is a more than reasonable price. Do not miss it!

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2. Café de la Limite

Café de la Limite is another of the most popular restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Geneva. If you want to try some of the local cuisine, this is the right place. They serve meat dishes with potatoes or salad from 20CHF (approximately €21). The Café de la Limite menu is short, but varied, you will surely find something that suits your tastes and your pocket. Definitely, A restaurant with great value for money.

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3. At my cousin’s

If you want to save a few euros when eating in Geneva, you have to go to Chez ma Cousine. This restaurant is very popular with tourists and young people because of the attractive prices it offers. For example, they have a menu that consists of half a chicken with potatoes and salad for 19.90CHF (€20.50). Or if you prefer salads they will cost you 20.40CHF (€21) and they are forceful, you will not be left with an empty stomach.

This restaurant is so good there are 3 locations in the city. So while you get to know Geneva, you are sure to find one near you. There is one Veille Ville, which is the best known, the other two are in the St Gervais neighborhood, near the Cornavin station and in Petit-Saconnex, respectively.

The restaurant also has the option of purchasing to-go. Having a picnic with a view of the lake and a good meal is a great idea. Our favorite place to have a picnic is Terrasse Agrippa-D’Aubigné. It is right next to St. Peter’s Cathedral and is a very quiet place.

Both the super affordable prices and the quality of the food make Chez ma Cousine a great option where eat cheap in geneva.

eat cheap in genevaeat cheap in geneva
The premises of Old Town

4. Manora, a fantastic option for cheap eats in Geneva

Are you very hungry and want eat cheap in geneva? Manora will be your best option. It’s about a restaurante self-service. It is located in the Manor department store, one of the locals’ favorite places to buy clothes. The food list is long, You can choose from a large selection of salads, pizzas, quiches, pasta, meat…

Of course, don’t think that it is an all-you-can-eat buffet where you can eat everything you want for a single price.. In this case they charge you per plate and there are several sizes. But To give you a reference, you can eat a good plate of pasta or meat for just over €20. If you think the price is expensive, you should remember that you are in Geneva. Everything is very expensive!

If you want to eat cheap in Geneva, Manora is a great option. Central and with reasonable prices. It is the option that we recommend in any Geneva route in one day.

5. La Buvette des Bains

You will be surprised by the views that La Buvette des Bains offers. This is another well-known restaurant in Geneva. But it stands out for its location, It is located in les Bains des Pâquis, the “beach” of Geneva. An incredible site! From there you can see the Jet d’Eau, the icon of Geneva. And most importantly, at La Buvette des Bains you can eat well without spending a fortune.

There you will find balanced and varied food. So, if you are vegetarian or have any type of allergy, this restaurant will be your best ally. The most interesting thing is the dish of the day for 15CHF (approximately €15). Or if you prefer a salad, the price is similar.

If you decide to eat at La Buvette des Bains you should consider that they do not accept cards. And also that Being inside the Bains des Pàquis you have to pay 2CHF per person to access the bathing area from May to September. Definitely, one of the best places to eat cheap in Geneva.

eat cheap in genevaeat cheap in geneva
The Jet d’Eau, the icon of Geneva

6. El Catrín, one of our favorite places to eat cheap in Geneva

Mexican food will always be a good option and luckily we found this place in Geneva. No one can go wrong with some tacos or quesadillas. They save you from any trouble and the best thing is that The prices at this food place are super cheap.. There are options from 7CHF or if you prefer to order something more substantial, there are main dishes, although they cost a little more. But I’m sure that with a couple of tacos you will be more than satisfied. There you will find the authentic flavor of Mexican dishes. It’s a great alternative!

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Vapiano, a good ally for cheap food

7. Luigia

Eat cheap in Geneva It is possible in this place. For a little more than 20CHF you can eat a good pasta or pizza. Whatever you fancy! Remember that you are in the fifth most expensive city in the world and you will notice it when paying. Luigia is a good option for lovers of good, authentic Italian food. Plus, the place is great, so it’s worth spending a dinner here.

There are also dishes with high-end ingredients and with much higher prices, but you will surely find a good dish that fits your pocket. It is not the cheapest restaurant to eat in Geneva, but it is a reasonable option, if you do not order the most expensive thing on the menu.

8. Holy Cow!

We close our list of sites where to eat cheap in Geneva with this burger chain. If you live in Switzerland or have traveled to other cities, you probably know it. They have locations in several cities in the Swiss country. You can find burgers starting at 9.90CHF (about €8). Or if you prefer, you can opt for the menu with potatoes and drink for 15.90CHF (€14). Although it is a little More expensive than McDonald’s, but we must admit that the quality is much better.


On this map you can see the location of all these places where you can eat cheaply in Geneva.


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