If you like to plan your trips in advance, check out this post “When is Easter 2022? School calendar dates” and choose your next destination.

When it comes to traveling, you always have to have the updated calendar, that is why since the SEP issues the dates of the school calendar, it is good to take note and already think about how to distribute the time.

It is true that it sounds a bit rushed to think of next year’s Easter holidays with so many months to go, but, as the saying goes: “Precaution is worth two” and “time is money”…

Just think, more savings and finding good promotions can be some of the advantages.

When are the 2022 Easter holidays, according to the school calendar?

A little over a month ago, the SEP 2021-2022 calendar was made official, which establishes vacation dates and other non-working days in the period from August 30, 2021 (start of classes) to August 28, 2021. July 2022 (end of classes).

Although Holy Week is from Sunday, April 10 to 17, in said Calendar, 10 days for the Easter Holidays, which go from April 11 to 22, 2022.

These two weeks, if your work and occupations allow it, can be a pleasant rest, you choose how to enjoy it.

Holy Week in Mexico

As we well know, Holy Week is a religious commemoration in which each year, the Catholic Church remembers the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus; It includes the days that go from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.

During that week, different ceremonies are carried out, many of them the same or very similar to those of other Catholic countries, for example the blessing of branches, the representation of the Passion of Christ through the Stations of the Cross, special masses, processions, among others. other liturgical acts.

With a large number of faithful Catholics, in most Mexican states different religious events are held, among the most recognized are the Via Crucis de Iztapalapa; the Procession of Silence in San Luis de Potosí; the Procession in Tapeji, Hidalgo; the Tewerichic celebration of the Rarámuri community in the state of Chihuahua; the sacred music concerts in Querétaro; to name a few.

Easter 2022

Photo: San Luis Code

Tips for traveling during Easter

Holy Week in Mexico coincides with vacation days set by the SEP in the school calendar, so it is a good opportunity to enjoy a break.

Some prefer the beach, others a walk in a beautiful city, there are also those who choose the mountains or a beautiful magical town, all alternatives that the Mexican Republic offers you so you can have an incredible time…

It is true that there are many places to enjoy and have a great time, but you should also consider that, depending on the destination you choose, it is good to take some precautions to enjoy it to the fullest and without setbacks…

For this reason, here are some suggestions for traveling during Easter 2022:

Choose your ideal destination

Check your list of destinations to visit and choose the one that has priority very well, remember that it is a time when there can be many people in some places, so consider according to your tastes, if you prefer something quiet or you can adapt to a beautiful place but with many visitors.

holy week 2022

Plan your budget

Analyze the costs that you are willing to face on your trip and define the budget you need; it is a good idea to save in time and put together a plan to make it happen. Have a plan A and a plan B, so you avoid canceling your trip if you don’t raise the money, for example, look for options between Vacation Home vs Hotel.

Find good promotions

The fantastic thing about planning ahead is that you can take advantage of it to get good promotions; If you travel by plane, airlines usually have very good prices in weeks like the Good End or Black Friday, for example, another good alternative is to check our package promotions and pay little by little and ensure unforgettable days, check everything HERE.

Find out what you can do on your trip

Although your idea is to spend a few very quiet days, the option of knowing a little more about the chosen destination should not be missed; perhaps the chosen place holds surprises that are worth experiencing during your visit.

And if you are one of those who like to walk full, prepare a list in order of priority of the activities that you would like to enjoy, nothing has to be definitive, but it does help not to forget.

Infaltable Check List

When we have time to plan a good Easter Vacation 2022, it is important to prepare an agenda with the ideas regarding the trip. Each one organizes it as they like, it always helps to have a list of places of interest, tips to enjoy the destination, what you have to bring, etc.

holy week 2022

Check your travel documents

If your idea is to travel in the country, with your INE you can handle yourself calmly, but if the idea is to go abroad, you need to have a passport. Keep in mind that due to the pandemic there may be delays in assigning shifts to obtain or renew a passport, do not waste time doing this procedure. And if you add to that that you need a visa, it is more urgent that you get advice to obtain it.

Don’t completely ignore the Pandemic

Although we all hope that by next year everything will return to “normal”, we are not sure how things will turn out; therefore, choose destinations that give you security and peace of mind, the one that best suits your expectations.

If you don’t have vacations, there are also options

For those who do not have vacation days at Easter there are also alternatives, a one or two day getaway near your home you can surely do… Investigate some of our proposals in the Destinations section of our blog, there are spas, theme parks, mountain and much more.

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