Today, April 28, we celebrate Blessed Cute Pedro de Balsamo who was a religious Christian.

Blessed Carino Pedro de Balsamo fled from justice after the murder of Saint Peter of Verona who was transformed by divine grace.

This when, already very tired and ill, he confessed to the prior of the convent of Forlì, Italy.

After that Blessed Carino Pedro de Balsamo spent his life in prayer, penance and work always crying for the crime he had committed.

Blessed Carino Pedro de Balsamo had Blessed Jacob Salomoni as his heavenly father.

Blessed Carino Pedro de Balsamo probably died in Forlì, Italy, in the year 1293.

There is no more information about the life and work of Beato Carino Pedro de Balsamo, although what is certain is that his celebration takes place on the day 28th of April.

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