There are times when we need a break, disconnect from the routine and give our heads a rest, here is the solution, “Villa del Carbón Why visit this magical town?“…

Whenever you visit a magical town you will feel the sensation of freedom, knowing part of the history, customs and traditions of the chosen place, walking, practicing the activities of your liking, eating delicious, are part of the charm of the trip.

You don’t always have to plan so much, there are times when it’s good to improvise and even more so if you’re from CDMX or you’re in EDOMEX, a couple of hours and enjoy.

Villa del Carbón received recognition as a magical town in September 2015 and as such has been prepared to please the hundreds of tourists who visit it.

Let’s see what this destination offers for its visitors…

Photo: Secretary of Culture and Tourism Edomex

Where is Villa del Carbon located?

Villa del Carbón is part of the State of Mexico and you find it is only two hours from Mexico City and Toluca, 2.30 hours from Santiago de Querétaro, 3.30 hours from Morelia.

What to do in Villa del Carbon?

Eat delicious in Villa del Carbón

In addition to pampering yourself with the views and the peace of the place, it is not too much to delight yourself with the exquisite menus of the local cuisine.

As soon as you arrive, you can go to the gastronomic square next to the main church and try the variety of dishes, the most renowned are the barbecue and the consommé, and some delicious sopes, tlacoyos and enchiladas can also be part of the tasting.

Add to that a little taste of pulque or better yet, a pot coffee. You can also try and bring delicious typical sweets, artisan breads are another delicacy, a tasty eggnog and if you dare, grasshoppers can be another option.

Throughout the day, check where you can find a place that sells craft beer, highly recommended by those who have already tried it.

On your walk through the safe center you discover a variety of restaurants with an interesting culinary proposal, as well as several cafes and a chocolate shop.

Walk through the center in Villa del Carbón

This magical town has a small but very nice center to walk and spend a pleasant moment.

Plaza Hidalgo offers a cozy space to relax, surrounded by trees, with a nice kiosk, a perfect setting for your photos. Very close is the Municipal Park, with spaces to walk, and if you have little ones, they will love the play area.

The Church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia, is in the same area, admire its beautiful facade and inside we find the beautiful image of the Virgen de la Peña brought by the Spanish in colonial times.

The Callejón de las Bugambilias is another place to visit, a beautiful passage with a variety of shops.

Carbon Village

Photo: Secretary of Culture and Tourism Edomex

Take the opportunity to buy leather products

Known as the world capital of charro loot, Villa del Carbón has a very good production of articles made of leather.

And since you are planning to pamper yourself, you can treat yourself to something like purses, bags, hats, boots, jackets, booties, etc., whatever you like the most; the prices are unbelievable.

Visit the craft market and find something nice to remember this beautiful trip, there is quite a variety.

The shops in the center also have many alternatives for locally made products that would look great in your home.

And we cannot stop recommending that you buy a good wool coat and some gloves, in the cold season you will love it.

Visit the Llano Dam

Although you have several very good accommodation options in the center of Villa del Carbón, if you want to live new and pleasant experiences, go ahead and spend the night in this beautiful park.

You can choose to sleep in a nice cabin or enjoy the experience of camping, any alternative will be an excellent idea to fill you with life; a day surrounded by an imposing forest and steps from a lagoon, just imagine what a night with stars will be like… Amazing!

If you have little time, a walk, a picnic and relax in the place, it does not hurt either.

You find it 30 minutes from the center of Villa del Carbón.

Among the activities you can do there we have horseback riding, zip lines, hiking, you can also test your arm strength and take a boat ride, etc.

Foto: MXCity

Learn about the history of the Taxhimay Dam

One last activity that is worth doing while in Villa del Carbón is to go to this dam about 40 minutes from the magical town.

The main attraction is to see the city submerged in water, for this you must take a ferry tour at the pier that takes you through the dam to the places where you can still see the towers of the churches.

Although if your idea is to enjoy yourself to the fullest, a pedal duck can be the means of transport that takes you for a walk.

Likewise, you will be able to enjoy a moment at ease in a restaurant bar in the surroundings of the dam, peace, beautiful views and good attention, you will not miss it.

Carbon Village


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