Valentine’s Day, 5 Destinations“It will give you some good ideas to enjoy an incredible trip with the best company, you choose if it will be romantic or a getaway with friends…

Those of us who love to travel always find the reason to do so, a way to “justify” the “need” to make a trip is a special celebration, in this case February 14, day of love and friendship, is the chosen reason.

With so many beautiful places in Mexico, incredible beaches, beautiful cities, very beautiful magical towns, everything deserves a getaway to continue learning how beautiful the country is; Therefore, let’s see which sites can be a good alternative for this Valentine’s Day 2023…

5 Destinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day

We well know that February 14 is the day of love and friendship, so you have to choose whether the date will be to enjoy it with the love of your life or with your best friends, although no one says that they cannot all join the celebration…

As there are several possibilities, we will need to analyze proposals for each of them, here are some suggestions…

Caribbean option

Cancun with friends

Cancun is known for being a city with a lot of parties, so we propose it as a destination to enjoy with friends, but it also adapts to other plans.

The beaches of Cancun are beautiful all year round, the hotel zone has a great proposal of hotels for all tastes and budgets, in addition, many are on the beach, you can also find transportation to move from one end to another.

Likewise, we cannot fail to mention the newer part of Cancun that it shares with the mainland of Isla Mujeres, we are talking about Costa Mujeres, located north of Cancun, about 30 minutes from downtown.

This area has less commercial development, but it is highly valued that it is more virgin and has luxury hotels located at the foot of beautiful beaches.

For the night of February 14, 2023, you can choose to enjoy yourself in your hotel or go out to a party in the nightclub area that is in the hotel zone of Cancun, surely there will be several options for special parties to enjoy the day of love and friendship. with great joy.

Valentine's Day

Isla Mujeres in a romantic plan

If you propose to your partner to spend Valentine’s Day 2023 watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset on an island in the Caribbean, it is surely a plan that will fascinate him.

Isla Mujeres is a perfect destination for that romantic plan on February 14, with a transparent and calm sea, a white sand beach that dazzles, it is an ideal setting to enjoy in the company of that special person.

You arrive at your destination by ferry or in a boat that you can take from Cancun, the island is small, it is 7 km long and 500 m wide, so you can go around it by golf cart, bicycle, motorbike or public transport in just a couple of hours.

In addition to a beautiful beach such as Playa Norte, you can walk along the boardwalk, get to know the Garrafón park and with the second largest reef system in the world and the underwater museum there, you cannot stop snorkeling, you will love it.

Enjoying the good atmosphere on Hidalgo street, in the evening, going to a good restaurant or a nice bar, can be a good way to end a very special day.

Pacific Option

Puerto Vallarta fun with friends

Another proposal for Valentine’s Day celebrations with friends is this beautiful city located on the western side of the country, one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Mexico.

With some very beautiful beaches, it is ideal to spend the day on the sand and enjoying the sea, delicious cocktails and good music, you will find several inns to relax and make the most of the sunny day. Olas Altas Beach and Los Muertos Beach are the most popular in Vallarta.

You cannot miss the walk along the boardwalk, a walkway full of life where, in addition to finding viewpoints to enjoy unique sunsets, there will be different options of bars and restaurants to celebrate a day of love and friendship as it deserves.

Add a toast with tuba or tejuino, it is part of the proposals of the place.

A walk through the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe parish, through the Parque de los azulejos or Lázaro Cárdenas park, a visit to the shopping malls, can be the previous one to find a nice place to dine and then dare to discover the area of ​​clubs where to celebrate until sunrise.

Valentine's Day

Romantic Sayulita

This destination is part of the list of Magical Towns since 2015 and as such is a charming place where you can enjoy a romantic stay.

The tranquility of the town makes it a perfect place to share quality time with your partner.

A walk through the place will lead you to discover art galleries or shops where they sell beautiful pieces designed with Huichol art, it can be a nice present for the special occasion of Valentine’s Day.

On the tour you will also be pleased with the performances of the street artists and you will surely fall in love with the different spots where you can take beautiful photos.

To enjoy the beach you will not have a problem, everything is very close and you can practically walk; go to Los Muertos beach, crossing the pantheon, although it sounds a bit strange to have to do that tour, once you arrive you will enjoy it.

Save the desire, time and money to visit the Islas Marietas National Park, with its famous well-known Playa del Amor, a perfect place to take pictures in honor of an unforgettable February 14, even to see if you are up for the marriage proposal, it can be an excellent plan…

Valentine's Day

A classic option, Guanajuato

San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato are two classic destinations to travel on special dates such as Valentine’s Day, they are usually the setting chosen by many couples for the great proposal.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this destination has incredible places to visit and surprise you with its imposing architecture; getting lost in its stone streets is sure to be a good choice.

The Juárez Theater, the university and the temples that are in that downtown area will leave you speechless.

Obviously you can’t not go to the callejón del beso, an emblematic site and symbol of the city’s own romantic air.

Dare to get on the funicular and appreciate from the Pípila monument, the best views of the city, a panoramic postcard that will make you fall in love.

If it’s not a couple’s plan, the alleys may interest you, groups of people get together to sing songs with mariachis and other shows enjoying a few drinks, something very fun and if you go with a group of friends it will be even more fun.

There are also other options to enjoy in Guanajuato, a romantic dinner or discos with good music and an excellent atmosphere.


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