try the typical vietnam food It is a way of getting to know the traditions and culture of this beautiful country of Southeast Asia. Vietnam is our favorite country of Asia for many reasons. It has incredible jewels to discover, an impressive past, unforgettable landscapes in the middle of nature and of course we cannot forget the fascinating food. Get ready to taste exquisite and varied dishes from the typical vietnam food!


1. Phoa super famous dish of typical Vietnam food

Among all the dishes in the typical vietnam foodhe pho It is the most known in the world. Did you know that the pho originated in Hanoi during the 20th century? It would seem like a simple bowl, but it is actually a tasty broth with pho or rice noodles, beef or chicken and some herbs. The combination is great! Sometimes, you can find it with ‘quay‘ on top, a kind of mass in the shape of a finger. The best part is soaking it in the broth, it gives it a unique flavor!

He pho It is so popular that anywhere in Vietnam you will see a stall or a place full of customers enjoying this star dish. Although in each city you can try a different style of the dish. They vary depending on the sweetness of the broth, the herbs, the noodles. The advantage is that you can try it a good price and you will find it very easy. It’s cheap and tasty!

typical vietnam food
The best known Vietnamese soup around the world

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2. Broken ricea traditional dish of Vietnam typical food

While you walk around Vietnam, especially around Saigon you will find many posters of Broken rice’ in street food carts and in restaurants. It is a traditional dish of typical Vietnamese food that arose from poverty in the mekong delta. Broken rice was considered inferior to whole grains and is the result of the poor cultivation process. These grains could no longer be sold and were eaten by farmers so as not to waste it.

As Vietnam has developed, the dish has also changed. Proteins such as grilled pork, a meatloaf, mushrooms, and an omelette known as Steamed Egg Rolls. He stopped being a simple broken rice dish and became a star of the typical vietnam food!

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3. Spring rolls (on from Vietnam) o Spring rolls (Northern Vietnam)

Better known as spring rolls or summer rolls. These cannot be left out of the list of best typical Vietnamese dishes. So you must try them! They are made with ricepaper (rice paper), fresh ingredients rolled up and to complete this delicacy you must dip them in the sauce of your choice: Hanoi sauce, peanut sauce or fish sauce.

Normally, they are served as an appetizer to share among several people before the main courses. Although no one will judge you if you ask for them by yourself 😉 It is one of the dishes of the typical vietnam food that you can’t miss.

typical vietnam food
The famous Vietnamese rolls are scrumptious

4. Breada cheap and delicious dish of typical Vietnamese food

He Bread is he most outstanding memory left by the French colonial era, as well as some architecture. These puff pastry breads look like simple sandwiches, but when you try them they will completely surprise you. For Vietnamese this is the best kind of breakfast. It’s super bluntideal for any long day in Vietnam.

You can find a wide variety of Bread in the Asian country. Generally, it is stuffed with pate, various meats such as pork sausage, cilantro, pickled vegetables, and mayonnaise. And there are also vegetarian options with fried tofu. You can’t miss this Vietnamese snack! If the beautiful city of Hoi An is part of your tour of Vietnam, you have to stop at Banh Mi Phuong. We still dream of their delicious sandwiches for less than €1!

typical vietnam food
The richest snacks in Vietnam at Banh Mi Phuong, Hoi An

5. Pancakes

Many know him as vietnamese pancakesAlthough it doesn’t have much to do with it. At first glance it would seem that they are made of eggs because of their yellow color. But actually it is made with a dough of rice flour and turmeric. To this they add vegetables, bean sprouts and some protein. There is also a sauce that you can dip in to add flavor. The combination is perfect for any palate!

The origin of this dish is uncertain, but what is certain is that it is an exquisite dish of the typical vietnam food. It is prepared in a wok over low heat, first the ingredients are cooked and then the dough. In this case, the order of the factors does alter the product! And the result is spectacular.

typical vietnam food
One of the typical Vietnamese egg-based dishes

6. Quang Noodlesa dish of typical Vietnamese food for special occasions

This dish is the icon of the province of Quang Nam in central Vietnam. The locals are very proud of the Quang Noodles! It is made of noodles, peanuts, rice crackers, pork, and turmeric broth. All of these ingredients make up the perfect Vietnamese meal. Normally, the provincials of Quang Nam they serve it on important occasions. So, if you try it, you must taste it from start to finish because it is quite an event.

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An exquisite bowl of mi quang, a very tasty typical Vietnamese food

7. Bun Bo Hue

After the pho, he Bun Bo Hue It is also a dish of typical Vietnamese food that is well known in the world.. These are noodles accompanied by thin slices of Hué (bò) beef, combined with the aromatic flavors of lemongrass and fermented shrimp paste. This plate comes from the ancient capital of VietnamHuế, in the center of the country.

It is usually served with lots of lime wedges, diced spring onions, various vegetable leaves, cilantro, and chili sauce that you add to taste. Many locals eat this dish for breakfast. It is a delicious dish that you cannot miss!

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Another of the typical Vietnamese soups, especially from the Hué region

8. Fried dougha simple but exquisite dish of typical Vietnamese food

He Fried dough It is the favorite of many of the typical food of Vietnam! They are crispy cubes of flour fried rice with eggs and green onion. It sounds a bit simple, but it is actually a delicacy for the palate! You can eat it at any time of the day, although some Vietnamese also include it in their breakfast. As you walk through the cities of Vietnam you will see some food stalls that sell Fried dough and you will not want to do anything other than stop to taste them. They are great!

typical vietnam food
These fried cubes cannot be missing from the typical Vietnamese food from street stalls

9. Rollsa complex dish to prepare from the typical food of Vietnam

These stuffed rice tortillas are a dish quite interesting typical Vietnam food that you should try They originated in northern Vietnam, but you will see it everywhere. From street corner stalls to the most elegant Vietnamese restaurants in the city. It is a fermented rice dough, much like a crepe. This dough is poured onto a round piece of cloth over a large pot of boiling water and rolled out in a perfect circle. To cook it quickly, cover it and create steam. A whole gastronomic work!

But they’re not ready until they’re stuffed with pork, mushrooms, and fried shallots. They are rolled up and cut into small pieces. Preparing it is quite a process! You can eat it with fish sauce and some fresh vegetables like bean sprouts. They are an appetizer of Vietnamese cuisinebut if you ask for them for yourself, you will surely be filled.

typical vietnam food
A typical Vietnamese appetizer of the most complete

10. Grilled meat bun

Get ready to taste a savory dish made with a bed of cold rice noodles, topped with marinated roast pork, lettuce and pickled vegetables. You will find it in almost all of Vietnamexcept in Hanoi where they prefer a similar dish called Bun Cha. The perfect touch is given by peanuts, fried shallots and fresh herbs such as basil or mint. And as in most of the dishes of the typical vietnam foodis served with fish sauce.

typical vietnam food
One of our favorite dishes of the typical food of Vietnam

11. Noodle Soup

The base of this dish is rice noodles, fish paste, shellfish, pork, and some combination of vegetables and cabbage. Then each food stall adds a few different ingredients to this dish. So the versions are endless. He Noodle Soup it’s a bit similar to phobut it does not stop being a classic example of vietnamese cuisine. You must add it to the list of the Food you must try in Vietnam!

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typical vietnam food
A perfect Vietnamese soup for fish and seafood lovers

12. Lemongrass Grilled Chicken

We finalize our list of the 12 best dishes of the typical vietnam food that you should try Although it may seem complex to read and pronounce, the rewards outweigh everything. It is a simple but delicious dish. It is a grilled chicken that is cooked with lemon grass and fish sauce. It sounds strange, but you have to trust the combination of these ingredients! Usually served hot on a bed of noodles vermicelli. You will want to try it more than once.

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